Friday, December 03, 2010

Visitation to the Gunung Gading Waterfall

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Check out the place that I always wanted to visit.
This is the Gunung Gading National Park, situated near the Lundu Distric, Kuching.


I wanted to see the famous world's largest flower the Rafflesia Flower. But unfortunately, along the way to the waterfall, no giant flower to be seen. A bit disappointed though.


So basically when we visit the park, we can choose either jungle trekking, visit the waterfall, or camp at the site.


For me, I like jungle rather than the beach. I don't like to swim in salt water, more to stream water, cold and refreshing. So let's check out the waterfall at Gading.


Is not as huge like what I had in mind. It just has a small space for us to dive in, and soak.


Its a good place to go during the weekend, way nicer than facing my computer from 9 - 6 everyday. Have a nice weekend guys.



Coffee Girl said...

I stumbled upon the rafflesia here a year ago, when i wasnt looking for or expecting it. pleasant surprise. And what is that, a pipe flower?

Have a nice weekend Wilson!

Wilson Chin said...

(sob sob) I manage to see one rafflesia, but is fake one.

tsk tsk, how do u know, last time old folks use it to smoke ba....jk ;)

U have a nice weekend as well Coffee GIrl