Monday, April 04, 2011

The biggest pet Python at Kuching


The Location for this Phython is at Jalan Stampin Baru, Lorong 22 B.

I read the news once saying that a guys at Kuching owns a pet python at home, and the snake stay together with them since it is still a baby snake. Now it has grown for more than 20 feet, this is really a huge snake.

I follow a bunch of friends to visit the python last Sunday, and also pet on the snake, it feel cold. What am I saying, it is cold blooded anyway.

The owner feeds it with chicken, and he also raise a bat, and an iguana. What a wired hobby he has...

I've touch a snake for the 3rd time
2nd Time I've touch a snake is here at the Lok Kawi Park
The first time is at the Penang Snake Temple


Coffee Girl said...

euggh! i dont like snakes. that is huge!!

Wilson Chin said...

coffee girl, that snake is not aggressive at all. It even dont border to chase the chicken to eat it.

seriously, it is a huge snake!!!

Walter Gab said...

What a peculiar collection of pets...better don't love these pets too much...else reborn as one?