Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Climb @ Mount Santubong, Kuching, Sarawak

I’m very excited the day before I went to Santubong Mount. I didn’t manage to reach the summit last time because I’m not feeling well that time, but this time hell I don’t even care of my legs going to be broken or what, I must reach the summit!


Start my journey at 08:30AM with 6 of my friends, it was drizzling that morning, and this is good because it’s gonna be a cozy climb. I start up slowly to save my energy, as the higher I reach the tougher it gets to climb up.

There is a total of 15 check points, at F7 is 1960m above sea level. My journey from F1 t0 F7 the first 1000 meter still consider easy, as is just like jungle trekking. But after the 1000m I start to feel my heart bumping very quickly, and I start to feel short of breath. I reach the F7 check point at 09:12AM. We stop for a rest, and I took some photos of the surrounding.

Ok, start our journey again after 5 minutes break. The tracks are getting steep, I walk slowly with very small foot step, and try to go in a zigzag direction, cause I need a lot of energy to walk strait.


There are a lot of roots in front of me, just like a bunch of mess-up staircase. I’m worry about my right knee, sometime I will go for a jog and if jog for more than 15 mins my knee will feel pain. I don’t want this to happen in this climb.

My shirt are wet, I have two bottles of water one DSLR camera, and some food on my bagpack. I stop for water, one of my friend overtake me, while the other 4 are far left behind us. After a my drink, I start to walk again. The rain is getting heavier, and the mists are getting thicker, it covers the forest fast with the help of the wind.

Some of the steep place, we have to use the ladder to climb up, and after the ladder when I think that is the summit, well think again cause more ladder, and more staircase root to climb. I forgot what time it is, but I know I have been walking for a very longgggggggggggg time when I reach a pit stop. I’m happy when I saw the signboard from far, cause I tough I reach the summit already.

I run toward the signboard and exhale deeply. I’m only at F8 (2280m), I sit at the ground wipe my sweat, and off I go. The signboard show steeper trek to go, I keep my finger cross to hope I can do it. The 4 of my friends are now far away behind me, and 1 of my friend are way ahead me, so I’m all alone now.


When alone, I will have a lot of thinking in my mind, how about you? I’m quite tired, and I blaming myself on not getting any preparation before I climb mount Santubong. I should have at least gone for more jogging to build up my stamina. And also think on why don’t I just wait for the rest of them to just go down and rest. I curse the stupid thinking and keep on walking.

I am not sure I walked for how long, but finally I saw another check point the F12 (2820m). This means that 3 more check points to go. The higher I reach, the thicker the mist. The rain had stop, but I can’t see the view, cause it is all covered by the mist. I inhale, and can feel all the non-polluted cozy fresh air being suck into my lung. I only can get this here, so I had a lot of deep breath.

There are a lot of ladders to climb here, when climbing the ladder; I go one step at a time. When reaching up to the next ladder, I need to use my arm to drag me up. And the rope and ladder are all cover with sand. I didn’t wear gloves, so is a bit painful my palms are like rubbing the sand when pulling the rope. Note to myself, next time should bring hand gloves.

I finally meet up my friend who overtakes me; the both of us stop for a drink. We even called the rest of the gang to checkout where are they now *chuckle* I am very tired at that time, but am surprise that my right knee is still ok. So I keep on going an lead the way this time.


Ladder after ladder, my palm are so painful, I hope I don’t get blister after this. All of a sudden, I saw a plate mount on the rock. And on the plate it carves “Datuk Merpati”, I continue my reading and the first paragraph goes like this..

“ Datok Merapati, who originated from Johore on the Malay Peninsular, is he legendary founder of Santubong O_o” *wow, he discover santubong?!* a singnificant trading town and center around the time of the Majapahit Empire during the 10th to 14th centuries.

I am on flat ground now after the plate, and OMG!!! There is a signboard with F15 (3060m) printed on. Yeah!!! Finally I reached the summit of mount Santubong, the time then was 10.50AM. which means it took me a total of 2 hours and 20 minutes to climb the mount. What surprise me more is that I’m not tired, and my knee is ok.

L-R: Chiang Ching, Robin Tan, Thien, Ah Gu, Wilson Chin (me), and Eric

Oh, what happen to the other 4 of my friends. Well they reach the summit a bit later than us, but I'm happy that they also manage to get here, :D my dear reader, do you want to join me next time?

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Coffee Girl said...

Wah! The climb!! i tot u went alone, paduhal ada geng. dont go alone, its no fun racing on your own. lol. Congrats for reaching the summit!

Wilson Chin said...

lols, thanks Coffee Girl. Wanna join in the climb or not?

u know, there are actually 2 foreigner climb the mountain alone that day. I guess they are use to it already...

Coffee Girl said...

sure! when is the next trip so i can be physically and mentally prepared...

Anonymous said...

Very time should join you climbing everest haha.

Regards, Rook

Wilson Chin said...


Yeah, you should. I'll organise another trip next time, and inform you again.


Anonymous said...

hi wil,

how can i get there if i dun own a car? any public transport? or it is only accessible via taxi?


Wilson Chin said...

Hello Pris,
You may take a taxi to go, as for public transport, I'm not so sure myself, but you can give them a call
+6082-428 278
hope this helps :)

Lulu said...

Hello, I know this was a very long time. but I will be in Kuching in august and I wanted to do this climb.
Is it okay to climb it alone? or can I get a guide? Because I will be in Kuching alone without any friends even.

Thank you :)

Wilson Chin said...

Hi Lulu, Yes its possible to climb alone, but try to go climb the mount on Sat or Sun cause there are more people that time, and you can also tap along. Hope you will have a great time visiting Kuching.


Anonymous said...

since when Mount Santubong is 3060m?
Its only 800m....

Wilson Chin said...

Anonymous, 3060m is the distance from park ranger office to summit.
Its 810.2m above sea level.

scarllet said...

this is nice. i reached Mount Murud already, funny i haven't reach here yet.on my list for 2016.

nice blog.

Wilson Chin said...

Hi +Liserd I will be going to Murud on this July also.
Santubong is aweson, must go. Have fun there.


Cath said...

Just found your blog on Mount Santubong. Sounds interesting.
Would like an advice as it sounds tough to reach the peak.
I am coming to Kuching in July and an amateur in hiking.
Do you recommend to have a guide as I haven't found any friends to join the hike? Would feel safer to have someone along than alone in a jungle.

Wilson Chin said...

Hello Cath, Thank you for visiting my blog.
Mount Santubong is really a tough mount to climb, its challenging on both stamina and strength.
You dont need a guide to climb Santubong, because the indication are clear from base mount to summit. Just remember to bring at least 2 litters of water for this hike, and some food.

Please support me by LIKE my page at

Wilson Chin

Hasnain said...

Wow I just found what I wanted. I am planning to go on hiking there. this is the perfect place, short, high, adventurous, beautiful and interesting. I am only looking for clear weather on next weekend then I m off to SANTUBONG.

Thanx again for an informative experience.