Monday, March 25, 2013

New Method of Augmented-Reality Traveling Through Tourism Start-Up

Guidestock is a new way of interacting with a city and its sights through a cell phone application based on augmented reality. A combination of GPS navigation, guides recorded by real travelers and photos of city sights give you the experience of having visited a place. There is also an opportunity to record your own travel experiences using either web or app toolkit to create your own guide, which you can share with your friends by embedding it in your blog. Also, tours published inside the app can earn their creators money through a variety of royalty schemes.

Today is launching a beta version of its online toolset for crafting audio tour guides, and invites travelers to take part. Check what the Guidestock CEO has to say about it.

“We are proud to help tourists note and share their amazing travel experiences in this wonderful new way. Our toolset gives you an opportunity mark your tour on a map from start to finish, highlighting city sights or specific places you would like to emphasize in your personal travel story, and the tool will automatically create a GPS-navigated guide for your tour. It is as easy as marking a route through a city on a printed map! Next you can add prerecorded narratives, and link them to corresponding tour segments.”

“The tool offers the ability to cut and mute your recordings, so they’ll readily fit a walk along the corresponding distance. If you have something else to say about a building, monument, or any other object, you can use ‘stand’ mode – the user will be notified that he should stop and listen, and the place you are talking about will be identified by its photo.”

This isn’t rocket science; record your travel experience on any audio recording device, take pictures of city sights, get to your laptop and visit There, pinpoint your path on a city map, indicate interesting places along the way, add photos and your audio recordings, and press “Submit” The tool will automatically compose all your data in to your personal audio tour guide. Just name it, add a catchy description, and wait for your royalties to come in.

Guest Post by: Robert Hennessy

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