Thursday, June 04, 2015

Exploration to the Kampung Kiding with Wilson Chin and Friends

10:10am, going to the old Padawan Road to Kampung Kidding. The new road had mudslid since January 2015 this year, and the authorities did not do anything after that.

The old road to Pasawan outskirt is like riding a roller coaster ride. the road is narrow, and a lot of sharp bends.

10:34am, going up to the hill. unbalance road, with mud and rocks a long the way. Steep road to go up, and saw a few village people are also walking up the hill with us, but they are fast.

10:50am, with road condition like this, its impossible for normal vehicle to drive up. No wonder I saw a lot of cars parking at the foot hill. Only trucks, and motorcycle can ride up.

10:56am, finally reach one of the village. The Kakas village (Kampung Kakas), it was really hot that day. I hope my 2 liter of water are enough for me to drink later.

11:05am, reached a waterfall. I felt very tired, the road are too steep for me. My friends and I stop for a rest. 

11.05am, the 4WD struggling very hard to go up the hill.

11.17am, another waterfall, the signboard says "Singapore Waterfall" we stop for a quick rest, and eat some food to refill our energy, and continue on with our journey.

11.42am, this is the last village on the hill. I'm surprise to see there is village here, and felt very terrible for them, cause they have to walk up and down that muddy hill road everyday to connect to the outside world.

12.23pm. I had lost count how many bamboo bridges I cross, then we reached a paddy field. And just look at the view on this field. Its amazing!!!

1:23pm, encounter a big spider blocking our way. My friend got shocked when he notice the web and the spider in the middle. :D

  Lambir National Park in Miri (click to read), I've also lost my way with my brother.
1:35pm, we got a bit off track, cause there are no marking on how to reach the Gareg waterfall. All are base on memories on one of my friend who been here before. We reach to a point where this places has fast moving current with no road, trail ahead, we are going round and round looking for a pathway to go ahead. This reminds me of my hike to

2.05pm, now we are at the ginger garden, and lost our way again :S need to find out where is the route to the waterfall by guessing which path to go.

2:26pm. And finally we are here, after all the exploring. This is adventure!!!

2.40pm, But unfortunately we can't swim here, cause the current are too strong, and the water are mix with dirt. All we can do is just to take a quick lunch, rest, and descent again before its dark.

Gareg Waterfall at the backgroud

5.43pm, Descending now, and very heavy downpour. The road becomes waterfall :P what I worried is sudden mudslide. 

But its very beautiful, look at my homeland Borneo, Sarawak. Its a paradise here, I love my home land so much.

Map and Georaphy location of Kiding Village at Padawan outskirt

Record of One way trip from the foot hill, until the waterfall area

This is the mudslide which damanag the road, and it has been 6 months already, but yet the government or the related authorities are not doing anything. This is very troublesome for the village people there. When can this be fix? I think it might take forever....

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