Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Visiting the Pantu Town Borneo Sarawak with Wilson Chin

The Borneo Explorer's record. I'm traveling around Sarawak, and reached a small town called Pantu. 65 kilometres from Sri Aman (Simanggang) division. I'm standing behind the Chinese school in Pantu.

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Every year, the Pantu Festival will held here, it falls before the Gawai (Harvest festive in Borneo, Sarawak) which is around end of May, and before begining of June. Gawai festival in Borneo, Sarawak falls on the 1st & 2nd of June every year. Close to the Benak festival in Sri Aman.

40 mins drive into the Pantu town, you will cross a river the Semulong River, the Semulong River is famous for the Tapah fish. After that if you drive deeper, you can also reach the Bukit Lingga. Can hike to the summit and witness the magnificient view.

This small town have two row of wooden shops, which operate by the Chinese. Most of the shop sells daily groceries and coffee shop.

Each time when I visit small town in Sarawak, its like I'm traveling back in time. And I get to experience the traditional architectural structure of the building, and the way people do trade. People here are so kind and friendly. 

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