Monday, August 31, 2015

Berumput Sebako Camping Trip with Wilson Chin and Friends at Borneo Sarawak

Initially we plan to conquer the Mount Rumput (as show on the map above) at 1560 m, however due to some unexpect circumstances we have to descent on the 2nd day.
Mount Rumput is located at the Sematan/Lundu area on the Sarawak and Kalimantan border. After bring told by the local village people now I know that there are actually 3 mountain at the Sebako area which are:
1. The highest mount in western Sarawak - Mount Kanyi
2. The 2nd highest mount in western Sarawak - Mount Berumput
3. The 3rd highest mount in western Sarawak - Mount Pueh
The three of these mount are sitting side by side, and if to go all three we maybe need to spend maybe one week in the jungle of the Sebako area.
Kuching Adventure Team
front row L-R: Porter No.1, Tony (Guide), Sim, Porter No.2, Lek, Wilson Chin (Me), Nelson (Guide), Loong 
Back row L-R: Jong, Ong, Alen, Tut, Lee, Handerson, Gilbert
Damn was build by the Sarawak Energy to generate hydro electric

The water from the mountain are crystal clear, its not adviceable, but some of my friends just drink it directly. There maybe contain certain bacteria which may harm our body, so possible please boil the water before consume them, or use certain filter.
A lot of huge tree which are 5 to 6 stories high.
A tiny mantis
A huge centipede was spotted by my friend, and kid you not this fella is huge...
How long does it take for the roots to wrap around the stone?
Leeches are everywhere in this jungle, and I've been bitten for more than 10 times. 
When we reach an elevation of 825 meter, we stop and setup camp. We had been walking for almost 6 hours and 9.2 KM, some of my friends are first timer joining us on this hike, can tell that they are tired.
The 2nd day we descent to the waterfall area, this is the Sebako waterfall I visited this place previously (click to read)
This waterfall have multiple tires, and the place that my team and I camp was at the upper tire where it is tough to reach.
This is my breakfast and lunch, i'm so hungry...
The Borneo Explorer - Wilson Chin at the Sebako waterfall
My team, the Kuching Adventure Team

Flora and Fauna seen along the way to Berumput Sebako

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