Friday, September 04, 2015

Selangau Town Exploration Trip with Wilson Chin, Borneo Sarawak

Selangau is a small town in Borneo Sarawak located at the Sibu-Bintulu road. Situated along the Mukah river. Its famous for its longhouse which owns by the Dayak people, some of them are Rumah Manchong, RUmah Layang, Rumah Teretang, Rumah Usit and more.

I roam around the market which is near the Mukah river, and a lot of local fruits (tropical fruits) are sold here, like durian, coconut, rambutan, and something rare was a pair of poor pangolin. I saw  two dead pangolin at the market, one is the mother, anther is a smaller one it maybe the child.

This is a protected species in Sarawak, I'm so angry that it was killed. Effort should be made by the nature reserve, forestry and any other relevant parties to educate the locals about the importance on protecting these gorgeous animals.

The old shop lots at Selangau town, most shops are run by the Chinese, and opposite the shop is the market, where the dayak people sells fruits and veggie there.

These two pity pangolin are dead, killed!!! I dont know how to express how sad I am after I saw it. This is the first time I saw pangolin in real life, but I prefer to saw it in the wild instead at the market. The local killed it, and will take it scale and sell it to the chinese. Chinese believe that the scale are very rich in medical value, and some part of the scale can be use as exorcism.

My friends in Sarawak, if you see any of your family members or friends caugh this pangolin, please ask them to release this back to the wild where it belong. We have no right to take its life for money.
This is the Mukah river, the river plays an important role in transportation, where the rural folks will use this river to come to town and do trade, children goes to school, and a little bit of tourism where outsider can go visit the longhouse upstream.
Borneo Explorer out again to explore places in Sarawak
This is the wharf upon reaching the  Selangau town.


Brad said...

Oh it is so sad to see the two dead pangolins.
When you go hiking deep in the jungles how do you guys get rid of your trash ? Do you take all the trash out of the jungles ?
Great Blog !!!

Wilson Chin said...

Hello Brad, thanks for visiting my blog. As a nature lover we do not litter in the jungle, we will always carry our trash out, and if I see empty plastic bottle I will try to collect it and take it out as well.