Sunday, March 27, 2016

Tanjung Rhu, Bako National Park, Borneo, Sarawak

Tanjung Rhu Camping Trip with Wilson Chin and Friends

Day 01, From Park HQ - Ulu Serait - Paya Jelutong
Back L-R: Loong, Jiew, Hui Yen, Puay Kian, Phen, Gilbert
Front L-R: Jason, Wilson Chin (me), Liang Yong
A group Photo at the Jetty of Bako National Park ticket counter.

My name is Wilson Chin, and I'm a Borneo Explorer. The date of my trip was on March 2016, together with my team, we are the Kuching Adventure Team #KuchingAdventureTeam 

Equipped with food which can last us for 3 days 2 night, the nine of us embark on this amazing journey into the heart of Bako National Park
To go to the Bako National Park HQ, we need to chatter a boat. We bough our boat ticket over the counter. Our boat start depart at 9.35am.
Along the way, we spotted an alligator lying on the river bank, enjoying mud sunbath. Our boat reach the Park HQ at about 10am, upon entered the park, we know where we want to go, so immediately we start our journey.
We camp at Paya Jelutong on the first night. Now when I recall back that night, it was a torture for us. After we setup our camp, we went to the nearby stream to bath. 

The water was brownish color, as it mixed with the rotten leafs, and woods. But like it or not, this is the water that we eat, drink, and bath for 3 days. The entire fresh water at bako are brownish color  O.o"

That night, it rain at around 7pm, right after our dinner. 6 of our teammate's hammock leak, water got into the hammock. It was dark and cold. And there are lots of blood sucking flying insect all over the place, it will stick on any expose flesh they can found, and try to suck some blood from us. 

It was a long night for the six of my friends, as for the rest of us, we're using #HennessyHammock and manage to get a good night sleep

Day 02, Paya Jelutong - Tanjung Rhu

Paya Jelutong really live up its name. Paya means swamp, and it was a hard hike the next morning. We have to be very careful on where we step, with just one move, maybe half of our leg will be stuck inside the mud.
9.26am - Star our journey to go to Tanjung Rhu
1.30pm - Reach Tajor Waterfall along the way, stop by for lunch and clean up ourselves.
3.15pm - Continue our journey to Tanjung Rhu again
5.32pm - Reach Tanjung Rhu...
Day 02, very hot day, finished our drinks. And we have to drink whatever water we can find along the way, the taste is not good, but that's what we have.
Enjoying the sunset at Tanjung Rhu with my Kuching Adventure Team members
At night after our dinner, all of us just lie on the edge of the cliff, staring at the stars, and let the sea breeze blowing at us. A very relaxing moment for all of us.

Only in Tanjung Rhu, with no mobile reception, no electricity, disconnect from the outside world. and to enjoy what mothers nature offer to us.

Day 03, Tanjung Rhu - Teluk Pandan Kecil - Park HQ

Sunrise at 6.55am that morning. And all of us just sit there any witness the greatest show on earth.
Day 03, its time to go home, but before that we detour to another cliff area called Telok Pandan Kecil.
This Telok Pandan Kecil is the most visit place in Bako, and from the top you are able to view the famous sea stack. This is me with the cliff and sea stack at the back.
Start our journey this morning at 9.40am 
Reach Telok Pandan Kecil at 11.53am
Reach the Park HQ at 3.20pm

Here is a video I made about my trip, please remember to share and like for more of my adventure video. See you guys next time.

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