Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bukit Lingga (Bukit Lesong) Exploration at Pantu, Sarawak, Borneo 笼芽山 (乐宋山) 历险记

The mountain that we concur is called mount Lingga (the official name) or Gunung Lesong (the local name). Which is located at Pantu Town, read more about my post for my Visit to the Pantu town by click here.

It was a cloudy weekend, and drizzle occasionally, I woke up at 3.30am that morning. After freshen up I drove to meet up with the rest of my team. 

We had to depart early, because of the distance. From Kuching to Pantu Town about 127KM, 1 hour 30 min drive. And from the Pantu town to mount Lingga about 23km, another 2 hours drive.

The road condition from Pantu town to mount Lingga was terrible. It’s the logging trail which use by the oil palm company. There are two village along the way, and they normally will use a 4WD or a motorbike to reach town. For those with no transportation, they just walk to town. 




The view surround the mount Lingga is breathtaking, there are mist covering the mountain range and it’s not hot due to the cloudy weather. 

The road to mount Lingga is no joke, due to the bad road condition, and drizzling. It requires full concentration on every move. We are divided to two 4WD, I look back the 4WD behind us, notice the car rear wheels skipped several times on the muddy road, which worry me a lot, we have no experience on driving off-road. We have to drive very slow, and pray that nothing bad will happen to us.

I felt relief when we reach the mountain base, the starting point has a Malay words signboard read “SELEMAT DATANG KE GUNUNG DOA BUKIT LINGGA” translate to English is Welcome to the prayer mountain, Mount Lingga. So obviously, this is a sacred mount for our Christian friends

Photo credit: Lee Eik Ping
The trail to the summit was marked by red paint on the tree trunk, but must search for it carefully. Some of the marking are far apart from each other, and some had faded. There are few waterfalls along the way, the water is fantastic!!! 

Halfway up the mountain, I saw a signboard erect by the Sarawak Forestry department. It reads “TAMAN NEGERA GUNUNG LESONG” translate to English is Mount Lesong National Park. Why is the name different? So according to a local friend who are from here, Lesong is the name called by the local folks here, where Lingga is the official name in the map. 

在半山时,我发现这里有砂劳越森林部门立的牌,上面写着 “乐宋山国家公园”
This mountain has a table top looking summit, the trail to summit is just ascent only. However, when we reach at about 800 meter above sea level, it was flat ground. At first we tough that this is the summit, the team is a bit disappointed, because we are surrounded by trees only with no view.

But I manage to spot another marking on one of the tree trunk pointing to right, we proceed on with our journey and as we reach 900m ASL, we saw a cross on the edge of the cliff and we know that this is the summit view point. 


I only manage to capture a portion of the view on base hill, not long after that all are covered by fog. We stayed there for about 15 mins for food, and start descend down. 

Photos Credit: Lee Eik Ping

It was very challenging indeed, along the journey our team members have multiple leech bites, and a lot of sand-flies or flying insect bite us.  And some of the path needs to use rope to climb further up, I am extremely tired but very satisfy. 



The only way is by Car
From Kuching to Pantu, 125km, for about 2 hours

 Then, turn into the Pantu junction to Town then to the base of the mountain,  23KM, for 2 hours
Lastly, form the base of the mountain to the summit, about 5.76km for 3hours 30mins
 909 meter Above Sea Level


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Wow!!What a beautiful mountain. But I don't know how to go to Pantu from Kuching Central.And I don't know where is Pantu.