Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Beautiful Gunung Serapi Summit View | 婆罗洲探险者涉拉比山,山顶风景太美丽

Mount Serapi, situated at the Kubah National Park, multiple wooden shelters are located along the trail to the summit, oh and don't worry, there is only one trail to summit you will not get lost. The trail passes through dipterocarp forest and links the various trails of the park. One of the trail that I like is the Rayu Trail which link to the Matang Wildlife Center, and it takes 3 - 4 hours one way.

涉拉比山, 位于库巴国家公园。到涉拉比山山顶的路上都有数个凉亭,供给登山者们休息。这个国家公园其中一段山路可以从库巴国家公园出发直到马当野生动物中心(单程三至四个小时)。

6 persons at one time. This Viewing Tower was built in 1997 and made of Belian wood (aka Borneo ironwood). According to the notice board it can only accommodate 6 persons at one time. I lost count on how many times I've been there, but this is the first time to take a picture from a drone. 

这座遥望台是建于一九九七年,用坤甸铁樟木 (又名坤甸木)建的。为了安全,一次只可以让六个人登上去。我自己都忘了这是我第几次登上去,但是这是我第一次用无人机拍照。角度还可以吧?!😊
This is the highest tower, which can be view from various places in Kuching. 

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