Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Camping at Pugu Beach Lundu Kuching

Pugu Beach situated at Lundu, after Pandan beach. Drive all the way up you will see road sign showing where is the beach location. Its a long stretch of beach, which lead all the way to the river mount of Sungai Sebako Besar.

My friends and I decided to visit the place, and stay at the resort hut which we paid RM50 per night.
Pugu Beach is about 7.11km long from bukit Gondol. The day I visited, was a hazy day. Partly due to the heavy burning on our neighboring country Kalimantan.

A panoramic view of the Pugu Beach, the view are very nice if you are at the top of the bukit Gondol. A small hill on the other end of the beach.

Enjoying the time hanging out with my buddies. Long time did not meet up with them, and camping together with them. Hope in future, we can have time to go for adventure together, just like old time.

This is a simple resort hut, they also have a toilet and washroom. But they don't sell food, so we have to bring our own food and water.

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