Saturday, July 25, 2020

Bung Ngiraja 2.0 Leisure Hike to Catch the Sunrise

The end time I visit Bung Ngiraja, as the first time was on year 2016. Together with my hiking buddies.
we parked our car at Tasik Kunyit, Bau, and walk to the base of the mount at about 1.2km
Then just start to hike up, some part they have this wooden stairs which made from tree trunk. From the looks of it, it should be replace with a new one anytime soon. 

The whole journey took me less than 1 hour, a very leisure hike. 
I reach the view point of Bung Ngiraja at around 7am, because my friends and I hope to be able catch the sunrise. 
Also flew my drone, I didn't get much footage as the signal of my drone keeps on disconnecting, is this a sign that I need to upgrade?!
Some of the view that I manage to capture with my drone, the view at Bau area are too beautiful.  

The limestone mountain, is will be even better if there are sea of clouds. 

My video on my hike