Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sibu – Day Two

Day One is HERE

I woke up in the a.m finding myself full of energy after few hours of sleeping. With nothing to do, I grab my camera and went down to the street to get something to eat and for a walk. The street is quiet, and cold. There’s a big open air park. This is a new park, cause I never seen this few years ago, yet is a.m but there are still people hanging around in the park.

There’s a big statue of a goose standing in the middle of the park. Surrounding it are the statues of twelve Chinese zodiacs. Not sure what it means, but I guess the goose must be symbolized of Sibu. It has a “S” shape on the goose, and Sibu starts with “S”…logic, agree? I went back to the hotel after my digicam went on low batt, it needs to recharge, and so am I.

The Goose Statue

Windows Of Sibu

The pavilion roof.

Wet & Dry Market

A wide open-air use to host most of the street event.


bbt said...

Wah, when Sibu become so pretty...must go and have a look one day...

Wilson said...

bbt - yep, it becomes diffrent. But you know Miri had change more. I'll post it up next week on Miri. I really shock when I visit Miri, no wonder Wei Shian always said Miri better than Kuching.

Chen said...

Sibu indeed changed a lot ~ since my last visit there a couple of years back...