Monday, November 14, 2005

Sibu – Day One

Last week when I arrive at Sibu, we were to go to Sarikei for work immediately. So I didn’t have time to take photo at Sarikei *sorry to chen not be able to take photos of Sarikei :( *. After finish work that night we head back to Sibu by car, when we reach Sibu our co-worker brings us for dinner. It is very generous of them to drive their way all the way from Sarikei to Sibu, and bring us dinner again.

My co-worker told me that this is a very famous place for seefood, the food is tasty, and the price is reasonable. I’m not much of a seafood lover, but I can eat almost anything now. I haven’t had a proper meal since 5.00a.m.

While waiting for our dish to come, I went around the restaurant to see if have anything interesting. There is a corner where they kept the fish, and prawns. Just when I walk closer, I heard noise made by frog. I open one of the box cover and discover there are many frogs hiding in there. And some of them are FAT!!! In Chinese we don’t called this frog, we called it “田鸡” translate to English “farm chicken”. I ate this before, if cook with ginger and Soya sauce, it will become a very delicious dish.

After our dinner, they send us to our hotel, my co-worker and I live at the Premier Hotel. After I grab my room key, immediately I rush into my room. Bath and zzzzz….

The seafood restaurant situated after the ferry service from Sarikei to Sibu

Prawns: “Don’t even think about eating us!”
Fish: “Yall’re dead meat.”

The “田鸡” a.k.a “Farm Chicken”

Sibu Premier Hotel

A very late check-in

The view from my room window


Pink Cotton said... i wish i could go to sibu... :P

Wilson said...

pink cotton - Sibu is cheap for the food, I'll blog on the food in my next blog.

Chen said...

seeing the alive fat 田鸡 reminds me of the huge 田鸡 at one of the seafood restaurant in Kuching. The 田鸡 in Sarawak are huge and fat compared to the one in Peninsular Msia :)