Thursday, February 09, 2006

The green hill temple 青山岩

My previous visit to the temple is here

On the fifth day of Chinese New Year, the weather was cloudy. I bring my parent to The Green Hill Temple to pray. It is a temple that situated on top of a mountain; of course there is stairway for people to walk to the temple. My father told me that, during his time there where no road to the temple, they need to use a boat to reach to the temple. Today there are good tarmac road build for people from Kuching town all the way to the temple. And because of Chinese New Year, the place was crowded by people. Just we reach the temple, it starts to rain. All of a sudden, the temple was pack with people. My parent went to pray, while my brother and I went to take a couple of shots.

After my parent finish praying, we went to eat some vegetarian noodles that prepared by the temple. The noodle was nice, but I only manage to get a small portion of the noodle, cause there are too many people. The rain had stop after we finish our noodles, then I helped my mom and dad took a few shots, my dad was holding my mom’s hand…how sweet. I don’t usually see my dad do this in front of his kids, but I can tell the older my folks get, they love each other more. By the time we left the temple, again the rain start to pouring heavily. But there are still people keep on coming, all heading to the temple to pray. Dad was holding mom hand all the way to the car, aw~~I’m glad and happy to see that. 拜的神多,自有神保佑。

The temple, 青山岩

One of the pavilion in the middle of the mountain.

This is the place where we burn the “money” to wish for healthy and good luck.

I barely breath and open my eyes, as the joss stick smoke was everywhere.

A lot of people (善男信女) praying.

The doorknob

The orange candle, light this to wish for healthy for the whole family.

A joss tick-burner


Light up the joss stick here.

What a great time to rain.

The Dragon sculpture

The 108 Buddha food steps, there is a story regarding this foot steps. I did wrote about it in here.

The wisdom mini waterfall.

This little kid, he keep on staring me when I took photos. I think he want to be On Air in my blog, so there you are for the camera :)


fish fish said...

Awww~ your daddy soooo sweet. ^_^

This is the only temple in Kuching where I will go. I miss it. Hey, you know, last year my mum made a dangerous thing, she forgot to fill up the petrol. Turn up we have to by 2 litre of petrol with RM10 riggit from the local. LOL

This year, mum said she will be going to, the first thing I told her was "Remember to fill up your petrol." :P

Sam I Am said...

Wow AWESOME blog stopped by way of Chen,nice reads ,thanks for sharing ..

cheng sim said...

ur dad hold ur mum's hand?
thts SO sweet.
my dad will nvr hold my mum's hand in public.
i think older folks tend to think that romance are only to be done when you were young.
its a good thing, ur parents prove them wrong.

i love the shots u took at the temple. u took lots of nice shots!

Wilson said...

fish fish - RM10 with just 2 litre, what is expensive. But I think after that incident, next time surely your mom will remember to fill up the petrol wherever she goes :)

sam i am - Enjoy ur stay here, glad u like my blog.

cheng sim - yep, dad love mom very much. thanks :))

miracle8 said...

I haven't been to Muara Tebas for a very long time... seeing your pics, I have an urge to go there again. Nice pics, and yeah it is rare to see parents holding hands nowadays. Its already a blessing that they are not tired of each other after seeing the same face for so many years! :P

louyau said...

Hey ... first time here ... nice blog ... and by the way ... is that temple near Riverside walk? Shit ... i have never go into that temple also ... never know it's so happening inside!

sbanboy said...

Nice pictures ... :)

Pink Cotton said...

wo wo wo...suddenly so many new readers ah! ^_^

so sweet to hear u feeling so happy bcos of your parents being loving! i get a warm feeling in my heart when i read abt the part where ur parents hold hands...HEE!

Anonymous said...

Nice header image, you did it yourself?

Wilson said...

miracle8 - Should go...the view is very nice there. Yep, i did the banner myself. Is just a simple one, glad u like it.

louyau - Thanks, nop is not at Riverside. U need to drink 30 mins from Kuching town. Is somewhere called Muara Tebas.

sbanboy - thank you :)

pink cotton - new reader, means new friends. I was happy inded if my parent's are happy.