Tuesday, September 13, 2005

青山岩 The Green Mountain Rock Temple @ Muara Tebas

A temple situated half way up the mountain, bellow the temple is a Malay village, and most of them are fisher man. It took more than half and hour car ride from Kuching town to reach there. That place is called the Muara Tebas, for Chinese we called it 青山 (Green Mountain).

The weather was very hot when we start our journey, when I look at the time it was one o’clock. The road to Green Mountain is not in a very good condition, it was a bumpy ride. There are a number of industrial factories along the road, so some parts of the road are badly damage by heavy vehicles. When Wei Shian and I reach our destination, I was surprise that there are no Malay kids asking for entrance fees. Usually there will be kids asking for entrance fees, and parking fees.

I love this place; it was very beautiful and has a very magnificent view. Slowly we walk up the steps one by one, I also capture every image into my camera one by one. I don’t have a spare battery and I didn’t recharge the batt last night, hope my camera won’t die on me now *worried*.

Though that day was not either the first or the fifteen of Chinese lunar calendar, but yet there are still a lot of people praying at the temple. I bought my self a set of joss stick, red candles, and paper money for RM2.00. I don’t really know the sequence of worshipping each god, so I just follow my instinct. Just like I predicted, my instinct was not 100% correct cause in the end I still left a few extra joss stick, I must miss out a few spot. After worshiping all the gods, I start to walk around the temple. At the left site of the temple there is a giant Buddha footprint, a shot story on the Buddha footprint.

The foot print of Load Buddha was left behind when he descended from the Tavatimsa Heaven after preaching the Abbidhamma to his mother. The imprint symbolizes the one hundred and eight auspicious sign of his soles. The food print is one of the sacred in Buddhism and is commonly found in Burmese temple.

There is also a very beautiful and large water fountain near the 108 Buddha foot print. Then Wei Shian said that there is a path that lead into the forest, because of curiosity we follow the path into the forest. As we go deeper Wei Shian said that maybe he knows what this place is for, I asked him to keep quite first and keep on walking. Yes He is right, it is a graveyard, and it is for Malay people, I hurry took a shot and went away.

My camera shuttle keeps on open and close, until I realize the annoying low batt symbol start to display at the top left corner of my camera. OMG, what a perfect time to ran out of batt please don’t die on me now. I still have a lot of thing to shoot at.

At then is about 2:00pm, there is no doubt I’ll get sunburn. I have to get really to be laugh by my co-worker tomorrow. I wanted to stay longer, but it was too hot and dry so we left. We did visit the Malay village, and I will post it up in my next blog after I have finish compiling it.

View on the first level of stairway to the temple.

This is the second level stairway to reach the temple

Quaint architecture

Entrance to the temple, there are two dragons sculpture on the roof of the temple.

Four god guarding the temple door.

Inside the temple

In the middle of the temple, there is a part that was not cover by roof.

Exquisite wooden sculpture.

The dragon

The 108 Buddha foot print.

There were also a lot of Bonsai surrounding the temple.

A rock model that is almost similar with the real The Green Mountain Rock Temple.

The water fountain near the Buddha foot print, it’s called the “Fountain of Wisdom” I throw a coin in and make a wish.

This is the path that lead us to the…

…Malay graveyard.

Bird's eyes view on the Malay fisherman village.

A mini fountain that have water lily.

A close-up view on the Lily.

Plan to ask for an oracle, but don’t know the procedure so I wait next time bring my family along to ask for oracle together.

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