Friday, October 31, 2008

A Truck Driver’s Life – Part Two of Two

23rd Oct, 8.46am

After 30 minutes of car ride we finally reach Sibu town. My Slow stop by the Shell Gas station to get some petrol, while me go to the wash room to pay my water bill.

23rd Oct, 8.47am

The Petrol cost around RM100 at the moment, this truck is using Diesel and the Malaysia Government had subsidies some for them to lighten their burden. The gov had comeout with a program called Shell Card For Government Subsidized Diesel.

23rd Oct, 9.39am

This time we did stop Sibu for coffee, our next stop will be Bintulu, then Miri. The road condition at Sarawak are poor, I just hope that one day the government will upgrade the road condition. I’ve been thinking, if the gov really upgrade the roads condition, they can save on:

- Save on tires cost
- Less truck maintenance
- Save time, with double lane roads.
- Increase the tourism industry, no more bumpy roads.

But all of this would be just a dream; this is what happens when genius runs the city.

23rd Oct, 10.25am

An ambulance car just pass by, when we driver further ahead we saw this. A truck was at the side of the highway. The truck was badly damage in the driver seats; hope the driver will be ok.

23rd Oct, 11.08am

This is a very famous Rock God, near Sarikei. I heard rumors says that the Rock God will bless the followers with good fortune like making you strike the upcoming lottery, but in return you must came back here and thank him, if not he will come and get what he deserve.

I don’t believe in this money from God, work hard and earn what we get. There is no free lunch in this world.

23rd Oct, 11.24am

OMG, is been more than 12 hours and yet I just reach Sarikei. But this is really a good experience that can feel on how’s the life of a truck driver. So I will be more grateful in my life. Mr Slow put a cigarette in his mouth and start smoke.

Wilson: How long have you been smoking?
Mr Slow: About 10 years my friend, I’ve stoped smoke for one year. But in the end I cannot resist and start smoke again.
Wilson: So I guess your son also smoke right!
Mr Slow: Ya, *sigh* I don’t know how to advice him, he is only 16 years old. I also smoke, so I can’t advice him much.
Wilson: Then you have to take good care of your two daughters, don’t let them influence with bad habits. Friends are important; make sure you care more on your daughters, to get a good relationship with them.
Mr Slow: I didn’t study much when I was young, so sometime I also don’t know how to teach my kids. Just hope they will all be good in the future.

23rd Oct, 11.38.21am

We driving at 70Km/H, and there’s a truck in front of us. “Overtake” I tell him, and he did…

23rd Oct, 11.38.38am

He check the opposite side, is clear. He then switches from gear 5 to gear 4, and start to increase the speed. He signal right, and off we go.

23rd Oct, 11.38.48am

We use 30 seconds to overtake the truck, average speed for us is 80Km/H. We can’t drive too fast, cause the tank behind is heavy, and if we crash, bye bye my dear readers. DM will close shop

23rd Oct, 12.18pm

Reach Bintulu division, I’m hungry, so as Mr Slow.

23rd Oct, 12.29pm

Both of us had our lunch here, I called back to Kuching to check how’s thing. My business is a bit slow this few months, hope things will turn good in the festive session.

23rd Oct, 12.56pm

After lunch, is time to go. From Bintulu to Miri, is still single lane highway. I close my eyes for rest…

23rd Oct, 2.12pm

When I wake up, we’re near Batu Niah. I recognize this oil palm plantation; this means that we almost reach Miri. Mr Slow’s phone rang, is was my friend (his boss) his boss told him must reach Miri at 3.00pm cause the people are waiting for the Nitrogen. And after he unload the Nitrogen Tank, he must drive back to Kuching again, as there’s another one need to be send to Miri.

After he hang up the phone, I can tell that he’s depress. Who won’t! over 20 of driving to Miri, then another 20 hours back Kuching, THEN another 20 hours to Miri again (without me accompany him). But he’s working for people, and just like he said, he doing this because of making food on the table, and shelter for his kids. I’m very fortunate that I don’t need to work for people, just hope one day he can have a better living.

23rd Oct, 4.22pm

I’ve reach Miri at 4.00pm, a total of 20 hours ride from Kuching to Miri. I need to tighten the nuts and bolts in my body. I asked him to drop me at Bintang plaza, I went to the wash room to pay my water bill. Then have a rest at Starbuck Coffee, my younger brother will pick me after his work at 5.00pm. Will I follow this truck driver again, hm~~is kindda fun actually maybe I would :)
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The pursuit of happiness is not an easy talks, everyone is looking for a way to find happiness. I’m consider a very lucky person, I have all the things I want this include happiness. My dear reader…Don’t ever let somebody tell you you can’t do something. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want something go get it.

Quote from the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness”
A Truck Driver’s Life – Part One of Two


cooknengr said...

Kid, this is great post, the nature of job reminds me of my 7 years stint in the oil field where we work long hours with a few hor sleep here and there in the truck or the car.

Wilson said...

taiko - While sleeping in the truck, the pain start building up slowly in my shoulder, my neck, my hip , this is an unforgettable experience. I don't have a good night sleep then.