Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Truck Driver’s Life – Part One of Two

I follow a truck driver to go from Kuching to Miri, he works in my friend transport company. I had an unforgivable trip going back my hometown. So how is the life of a truck driver? I called the driver Mr. Slow

22nd Oct, 8.21pm

Mr Slow was at the factory connecting the Nitrogen Tank to the truck, it weights about 32 tons. His boss keep on scolding Mr. Slow cause he overuse the petrol RM500 and more, they suspect him steal the Diesel and sell it to others, but he told me the truth is that he didn’t do it.

22nd Oct, 9.33pm

On my way to Serian, then to Sarikei, Sibu, Bintulu, and Miri (My Destination). But just when we’re reaching Serian Town, the Road and Transport Department officer summon our truck in for a truck weight inspection. Very fortunate our truck weight below the standard weight.

22nd Oct, 9.46pm

Mr Slow haven’t had his dinner yet, he had lunch at 1pm just when he came back from Bintulu. I can tell that he’s hungry, this is the night market at Serian Town where he use to had my dinner. The stall owner has a very cute 5 years old daughter, she smiles like an angle.

22nd Oct, 9.51pm

After 5 minutes my dinner is ready. I ate my dinner slowly, I had all night long so nothing to rush. Mr Slow ate rice with vegetable, and meat.

23rd Oct, 1.11am

After 3 hours of ride, I barely open my eyes. We’ve reach the Yi Jia Food Center at Jelukong (Jelukong is a small town near Sri Aman, and is about 207KM from Kuching), Mr Slow stop by for a huge glass of think coffee to keep him awake. Before I leave, I went to the washroom to pay water bill, and wash my face.

23rd Oct, 1.33am

Most of the long vehicles like Trailer, Express Bus, Truck, will stop here for rest. This yellow bus engine had some problem, it cannot be started. They try to start the bus many times but fail, then they use the reverse gear of the bus to force it start. What they do is, they tie the bus with another bus, and tow it. And it works, if not the passenger will have to spend their night here.

23rd Oct, 3.48am

OMG!!! That coffee cannot make me awake. I need to take a nap then continue my journey after my nap, sleeping in the truck is not good at all. I sleep at the passenger seats, I keep on waking up cause of backache. I miss my bed, my pillow, and my blanket….zzzzzzz…..

23rd Oct, 6.12am

What’s that sound? Oh, is my alarm clock. I switch off the alarm and went back to sleep again.

23rd Oct, 6.30am

Mr Slow dream of his boss scolding him to send the Nitrogen tank to Miri on time, I was awake, I’ve listen to what he says, that’s an awful dream he had. I then wake him up…

23rd Oct, 6.34am

Mr Slow brush his teeth, wash face, and pee. The air are fresh here, I just realize the truck was packed near a graveyard last night, no wonder I felt that someone is watching me sleep last night. Nah! I was kidding; the truck was park near a Muslim Mosque. Hm~~~how come I didn’t hear the morning prayers?

23rd Oct, 6.59am

There is still 16KM to Sarikei, and we stop by at the Bulat Corner Refreshment Center. Mr Slow had a bow of noodles, and coffee, for me I just drink a glass of tea.

23rd Oct, 7.46am

The signboard says to Bintangor still 14KM, to Sibu still 40KM. To get to Miri, we have to by-pass Sibu town, I still have 40KM to go then.

Wilson: How long have you been driving long vehicles?
Mr Slow: Me? Hm~let’s see, I’ve been driving for about 7 years alredy.
Wilson: Do you back home often or always sleep in the truck?
Mr Slow: It depends, if there’s a lot of work to do, I have to drive often and there will be no time for me to go home. No choice my friend, I do this because I need to give food to my kids.
Wilson: How many kids do you have?
Mr Slow: I have three kids, my eldest son now suppose to study secondary three but he stop schooling. The other two are girls, one secondary two, and youngest primary six.
Wilson: Stop schooling, did you advice him not to do so? Education is very important.
Mr Slow: I know, I also don’t want my son to become like me, but I don’t dare to scold him, cause later he will run away from home, or even stop taking to me. I also don’t know how to do. But I’m fortunate that my second daughter likes to study, she is my only hope now.
Wilson: Your wife? Does she work?
Mr Slow: Yes, she works as a cleaner at Miri, my youngest daughter live with her at Miri. At Kuching, my oldest son and daughter they have to take care of them self, they have to make their own breakfast, lunch and dinner. LIFE IS NOT EASY my friend…
Wilson: …

23rd Oct, 8.17am

After 12 hours of car ride, I’m now reaching the Sibu division. Last time we have to use a ferry to bring all the vehicles to cross the river, but now there’s a bridge, and a toll. Save time, but need to pay.

23rd Oct, 8.19am

Sibu town here we come, I still have about 411KM to reach Miri. I’ll pass by Dalat, Mukah, Tatau, Bintulu, then Miri.

------------------ to be continue ------------------

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