Thursday, April 23, 2009

A visit to Serikin, Kuching

Serikin, a small village (belong to Sarawak) near Bau town and the Indonesia border. As a Kuching guy, I’m shame to say that this is my first visit there. It took us almost an hour of car ride to reach. The Sarawak government let our Indonesia neighbor to cross the border on every Saturday afternoon, until Sunday evening. They sell all kinds of stuff here, rattan products, clothes, key-chain, junk foods, watches, clock, watches, and more.

They trade in Ringgit Malaysia, and the stuffs are cheap here. My friend told me that we can’t buy much, cause at the police check point, we will be fine if we buy too many stuff back to Kuching. They don’t want us to buy cheap stuff here, and sell it at Kuching. I should bring my mom, and grandma here. They will love it!

Don’t simply park your car on an open space, it would be good if you park at the parking space. Just pay the man RM2, and he will look after your car. So you wanna know how Serikin looks like, here’s the photos.

They have diamonds, gold, football jersey, sunglasses, cooking stove…

Classic SLR cameras, wall clock, jeans, little antic statue…

Howdy partner~~ slug,??? hahaha...

What!!! There’s more….
So ~~~ next time you’re here. Do bring an umbrella, or come early Sunday morning. See ya ;)

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