Monday, May 04, 2009

Visitation to Tropical Farm – Part One of Three

This is a private farm and is not open to the public. According the land owner, when he was 15 years old, he had a dream. He wanted to own a place by himself, and would build a farm base on nature concept. Years has passed, he now is a very successful businessman. And of course, he has use 10 years of time to fulfill his childhood dream.

He now owns a 65 acre of private land, and in the land he has a thousand plus of Durian trees, and 42 types of local fruits. He owns 9 manmade lakes, which raise different kinds of fish, a longhouse resort with 27 rooms, 25 obstacle course, 4KM of jogging track, some Spanish goats, African goats, some ducks, and chickens.

He give each and every one of the fauna and flora a name tag, this is to keep track of their record. He uses rains as water supplies, and generator as electricity supply. And very knowledgeable in feng shui, and Shun Zhi, Lao Zhi, Kong Zhi teaching as well we the others. He likes China history very much.

For me, is very difficult to believe that a boy who quit school at the age of 14 can accomplish all of this wealth, and to gain all of this knowledge from zero to now.

Now let’s come back to the farm, I’m one of the committee members for this 3 days 2 night camp. My job is to keep everyone entertains, and be the emcee for the game they played.

It was a hot day, when I first arrive here I’m a bit regret cause there’s no electric supply. Not until 6:30pm, and it shutdown at 11:00pm, so everything goes dark.

While waiting for the campers to come, I showed my friends a little bit of magic tricks. Yeah! I love Magic.

As mention earlier, there’s a longhouse type of resort. Which consists of 27 rooms, and my room number was 105, I’m sharing with others two friends.

Aw~~~look, this is the first time in my life to saw a sheep. Hahaha!!! Is cute and adorable, especially the white one.

I shoot this photo by using a binocular, but the quality sucks.

Some of the campers had arrive, they’re registering themselves to check in the room assign.

FOOD! The kitchen people are discussing what to cook for tonight dinner.

Before dusk, we all went for a jog. And to explorer the place, I like the obstacle part. I seldom had the changes to try out obstacle course in the city, now is the time to do so.

It also has two suspension bridges, one safe, and one danger. What I mean by danger is that it only had a wire steel rope as the bridge, and two more steep ropes as the handle to keep your body balance. If you miss a step, then is down into the water.

The land owner likes tortoise very much, he said the shell of the tortoise was use by ancient Chinese to calculate lunar calendar, some ying yang stuff, feng shui, and represent long life.

Is my favorite time of the day again, I love sunset. It always clam me down each time I saw it, it would be better if my girlfriend is here.

Ducks swimming in the lake, their speed are fast. I saw them swim from one side to another with just a few seconds. Amazing O_O

I’m damn hungry that night…

Before you enter this door, you’re steps are fast and anxious. After you leave this door, you’re steps are slow and relax. – Tropical Farm

We played monopoly while still have 10 mins till lights off :P and I showed some magic again to impress the young girls.
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