Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Free HDR Beach Image - My visitation to Sampadi island...

Went to the Sampadi Island last Sunday~~well almost there, cause we can't find any boat to sail us over to the island. We can only enjoy the magnificent view of the island on the Sampadi beach.

However, this time I have took a series of HDR photos to share with you guys. Feel free to download it. Cheers

This is the Sampadi village, where only a few houses available here.

A bit disappointed, cause according to the village there, the island is just 15 mins of boat ride. The island is just there in front of us, with no boat available, this will be just a dream.

So beside the Sampadi Island, there are still others small island. One of the island that I visted before are the Talang Satang Island
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Frankly speaking my friends and I are quite disappointed, as we already equipped with our camera, food, drinks. We try our luck again, as we head for another village nearby to ask for more information,
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