Sunday, June 10, 2007

Day Trip @ Talang Satang Island

Talang Satang is a private island which is wholly owned by the descendant of *inhale* Datu Patinggi Abang Haji Abdillah bin Datu Bandar Abang Haji Muhhamad Kassim *exhale* (a very long name huh!!). I went to the island for a day trip with a few of my buddies, and some new friends. In this island are the spot for turtles to lay their eggs. To go to the island, first we must go to a fishing village called the Telaga Air at Matang. At the village, the primary income for them is fishing; they also sell some vegetable, fruits, and small food stall. That day the village have a small karaoke competition, I guess besides finishing, singing will be the only entertainment available here.

To get to the island, we have to rent a boat. The boat transport service can be arranged easily. After bargain on the transport fees, we’re off to the island. Is a 50mins boat ride to the island, but we can reach there faster, just that the boat are going to slow. There’s no big wave on our way, and the weather are just fine, as the sun is hiding shyly behind the clouds. We can see Mount Santubong, and even Damai beach coast line.

Land behold, yeah Talang island is just in front of us. The shape of the island is like a bowling pin that cut into half. The sea water is clear and cold, and the sand is in brown color. There are people playing on the beach when we arrive. After we settle down, we’re getting ready to get into the water. I notice they don’t have any electric supply nor water supply at this island (….wait a min!!! what am I saying, this is an island). They use generator for electric supply, and gather rain as their water supply. I went to explorer the island around, according to the people there is will take one days to circle the island. And some part is block by sea water, so need to swim across. For the turtle to lay eggs, the people told us that the turtle only lay their egg during the am. We would need to overnight here to see them lay egg.

We had a great time on the island, warm breeze blowing, birds singing. I sleep under a big tree after I had my lunch. It feels really good, no heavy traffic, no sound pollution, this is a great place to relax. We stay there until the evening when the boat man said is going to rain. He advice that we go back, else the wave will be big and danger when the rain come. Another 45mins back to the village is a great island. Next time we will overnight there to witness turtle laying egg.

Welcoming sign board can be view upon arrival at the village.

village people use up the open space area to sell watermelon, price range from RM2 to RM14.

A signboard welcome to Village Telaga Air

speed boats, wonder how much this thing cost?

This is a historical well. Now it is no more in use, I try to go in to take a close look, but it is locked.

I should ask the villages on the story of this well.

my friend bargain with the ship owner on the transport fees to bring us to the island.

many of this wood pole had been use to mark the “parking space” for boats.

abandon ship, the green goblin is abandoning.

our boat is the one in white color, with a small engine. Only 30 horse power….

along our way, there is this small fish following our boat, they jump out from the water, then dive back again. Very interesting, they must think that we’re one of them.

land ahead, this is the Talang Satang island. It look like a bowling pinball cut into half.

This is the first time I’ve ever came to a private island. What is he going to do with the island?

This is me with the signboard. See the turtle picture on the top left, ya this turtle usually lay their eggs in the am, so we need to overnight here then we can see live turtle laying eggs.

a giant vase

a strange looking flower grow inside the vase.


there are also a few small island surround Taland island. Wonder who inherited it this time? Another Dato, or King?

If I release this, then the ship from above will….

small coral, there are also place for people to dive, but the coral is not pretty.

This is on the other part of the beach. Cover by rocks, and the size getting bigger when we go further.

This is mount Santubong. Pretty hu!!! The sun does not set at this direction, so cannot enjoy the sunset.

people swimming.

take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints.

is time to go home

last look at the island.

it start to rain at Mt Santubong, we must hurry reach back to shore.

after 45mis, finally…

catch of the day. Mom is proud of you son


Kristopher said...

nice trip..make me want to go there too...

that "giant vase" is not a vase but a reef ball. It is an artificial reef that they put under the sea bed. :)

Pazuzu said...

eeee.... how to get there?
i wanna go ....

Anonymous said...

=) Hi there!
It's the 1st time, I'm commenting.
I've enjoyed viewing the pics & reading your sweet simple yet down to earth journals of your life.

It often make me review back my own life & be grateful of the things I've in it.
Oh yeah the strange flower growing @d' stone vase is called "Kembang Songsang / Glory Lily/ Flame Lily" very unique eh. It's been known as a type of antidote for snake bites, ulcers & bruises.
It used to grow at my area @ PJ, but 1 day it stopped & just gone like that...

Anyway keep up the photos & entries. :)

Wilson Chin said...

kristopher - thanks for the info buddy :)

pazuzu - first u need to go to matang talaga air, then u need to book a boat, n tell them u need to go to talang, then they will bring u there. just that simple.

fren from PJ -
thank you :)
nice to have a blog fren like u.

Anonymous said...

HI Could you pls send me the photos to me?? will really appreciate

Wilson Chin said...

who is this? ur email?

Anonymous said...

Hi My name is MeiMei. My email address is thnaks