Thursday, January 06, 2011

Road Trip from Limbang to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah :)


06.08AM, from Limbang we have to by pass Brunei, the Temburong District to reach Sabah. And we stop at the immigration to have our passport stamps for arrival into Brunei.


07.04AM, reached Lawas the most eastern district of Sarawak. Where we have our breakfast at the Yong Siang Restaurant. My parent and I had kolo noodles as breakfast, the taste….2 out of 5


08.08AM, reached Spitang a small town at Lawas, and this is the bridge that link Sarawak and Sabah together.


08.54AM, train track. Yep, we reached Beaufort, a small town at Sabah. And the train station still operates until today, and this might be the only running train station which is still running at East Malaysia.


09.43AM, the track seems to be linking the Beaufort town and the Kota Kinabalu town. Cause we’ve been driving for almost an hour, and still can see the train tracks along the road.


10.10AM, alright, the beach. We’ve reached the Kota Kinabalu town! Now going to check in and have a rest before we go for shopping.


11.36AM, After our lunch, we checked in at this very unique hotel. Is a bridal but it also have rooms for rent.


11.48AM, finally they found our room key. Checking in…


12.32PM, first stop the Center Point shopping mall at Sabah, crowded with people


01.26PM, I bough a very delicious chicken pancake, and took a picture of my brother Jason. I wanted him to pretend to push the Christmas tree, but he did it very fake :S
That evening, I went to the University of Sabah, and even visited their very own Aqua Marine Museum. Update in my next post.

Is a long but happy ride


RSA QLD said...

Looks like an exciting trip! I like the decorations in the mall

Wilson said...

Yep, they I like it as well, as the tress are so big and tall :)