Friday, January 07, 2011

Visitation to the Aquarium and Marine Museum of University Sabah

Click here for the recap of the previous story when I reach Sabah.
That evening, after finish shopping at Center Point Shopping Mall, we went to the University of Sabah. It is situated just near the One Borneo Shopping Center Sabah.
The University of Sabah.

Check out the beach just on the back of the University of Sabah.

Back at Sarawak, we also have University of Sarawak. And at the back of the university is just trees.

Behind the university, there is a beautiful beach, and an Institute of Biomarine. While next to it, is an Aquarium & Marine Museum which belongs to the university of Sabah.


Inside the museum, they have a few big fish tank, inside the tank they have...Hard Corals, spiny lobster, Remora fish, and more :)


They build a large model of a diver going up the water surface, they really did a great job on the surrounding view, there are fish, shark, stingray, and more.

Both of my younger brother, Kerry and Jason

We seldom get to see large scale underwater aquarium, so we're excited, and took a lot of photos. Check out my video below on my aquarium trip :)

Love underwater animal

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