Monday, February 21, 2011

I overnight at the local Sarawak longhouse

The Dunuk village, this is a village situated here (click for map). For the pass few years I've been visiting this village with my friends.

1. 2008 visitation to Dunuk Village
2. 2009 Visitation to Dunuk Village
3. 2010 visitation to Dunuk Village

This year 2011, I get another change to revisit the village again. This time it was organised by the Tzu Chi Foundation (Kuching Branch). This program is to offer the nearby village a free medical checkup, and medical treatment. Is a large scale program, so they require a lot of volunteer workers. I participated the programs with few of my friends.

The setting up start at Saturday, and the treatment will starts at Sunday. My friends and I reach at Saturday, and after the setting up is done, we went roaming in the village, I shoot a lot of short clips there.

Copy of IMG_5323

I get to play with the village boys, overnight at the longhouse. I sleep around 9PM, and wakes up at 5AM, a very simple and healthy life. I had fun playing with the village kids, and a good experience overnight at the village longhouse. Check out my video for the full story :)

hanging out with the village kids

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