Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another visit to the Buntal Village for Sunrise photoshoot

Read my previous visit to Buntal Village for Sunrise photoshoot (click to read)

panorama Buntal beachwtmk

I went to Buntal Village for photo shooting for the second time, but the weather is not as good as the first time. On my way to the village drizzling rain, fortunately when reached the village, it stops.

I've shoot a lot of scene photos, but this time I'll show you some of the photos not related to sunrise.


The fisherman getting ready for a day work, preparing the fishnet.


A group of teenage youngster having a jumpshoot at the beach.


Two of my buddies packing up their gears after finish shooting the sunrise.


My flip Ultra HD videocam, mounting on a tripod. Checkout the video I've shoot below :)


Anonymous said...

breath taking scenery


Wilson Chin said...

Thanks Rook,
But I have a price to pay, my legs are all mosquito bites. Until today I still feel itch. HELP!!!

Next time, pls join me as well k.