Friday, August 31, 2012

Borneo Rainforest, the Matang Kubah National Park and Matang Waterfall

Matang Kubah National Park, and the Matang Waterfall. Both situated just next to the Matang Family Park phase 2.

The Kubah Nationa Park is also good for mount hiking, it is around 2500KM above sea level. The entrance is RM10 for each people. Along the way there are a lot of flora and fauna, all of these are what made Sarawak so unique.

That morning, my friends and I did not go for the mount hiking, but we went to the waterfall. The name of the fall is called the 白云瀑布 (bai yun pu bu) which translate white clouds waterfall.

Watch my video about my trip to the waterfall, you will be able to see 

  • what we encounter along our way
  • our durian hunting story
  • the view of the matang waterfall
  • sound of nature like birds, bugs and etc.

More Reading: 
  1. Click here to view the summit of Gunung Serapi (Mount Matang... I hope google gave me the correct name)
  2. I pinnic at the Kubah national Park Waterfall 

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