Monday, November 26, 2007

Serapi Mount Climbing @ Kubah National Park

When I open my eyes, the sun is shining into my room. I look at the clock, OMG!!! It’s almost 8am. Last night I promise my friends that I’ll meet up with them 7am sharp to have breakfast together then go Matang, Kubah National Park to conquer the Matang mount together. I’m one hour late, I hurry get ready and drive to my friend place, just what I expected, I’m not the only one who is late, there a few of them late as well. Is a beautiful Sunday morning, everyone wants to wake up late.

After having our dinner, off we go to Kubah National Park. This park is just located next to Matang Family Park phase 2. We have more than 10 people so our entrance fees would be RM20 for a group of 5 people. This time I’m in a tip top condition unlike when I conquer Santubong Mount. The path to the top of the mount is well cover with tar, cause there is a transmitter tower on top of the mount. It might look easy to go up, but with some part as stiff as 45 degree, it requires much stamina to go up. There are a total of 10 pavilions along the way to top, a lot of wild orchid flowers can be seen as well. I’m not a flower lover, so I didn’t took much photos on it. Very fortunately we also have the chance to seen two green lizards one at the bottom of the mount, and another one on the very top of the mount. They must be husband and wife, separating from each other.

When we reach the top of the mount, I’m exhausted! The view is breathtaking, is well worth the journey and hard work. I’ve shoot a lots of photos on top, and also a series of panoramic shoots. We even saw The South China Sea on top of the mount. The weather is hot, I suffer sunburn. Didn’t expected the sun would be so strong, I should be ready next time when go for mount hiking. *sob, sob* I’m getting dark and darker.

the woods along the way up are think and tall, we live in Sarawak are very fortunate that most of our land are still preserve a big portion of forest, which can give us fresh air.

there are a total of 10 small pavilions along the way up, it also serve as a check point providing us information on the next check point.

both side of the track are cover by trees, and the path are well tar. It looks very easy to go all the way to the top, but some parts are as stiff as 45 degree, so stamina plays an important role here.

various kinds of flora can be seen here. This I dono what it call…

wild orchid flower, there is a lot of orchid on top of the mount.

shoot this when we on the viewing tower. My friend spotted this little guy, just before he got away I got him first in my camera. Yeah babe!!!

some breathtaking view on top of the mount, it was around 2500KM above sea level.

on the left side of the photo, my friend told me this is The South China Sea. I’m not good in geography, but what important is I got it into my camera.

A transmitter tower on top of the mount, the mist has gradually lifted so it can be seen clearly a huge and tall transmitter.

this is our group of friends who conquer Matang Mount

this good looking guy is me, I’ve took a lot of self portrait this time all along the way to the top. Blue is my favorite color.

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