Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bukit Mas Sembiling Nature Reservre Tasik Mas Trail Limbang Sarawak Borneo

Brief intro of Limbang

Due to its geographical location, the limbang town is completely cut off from the rest of #Sarawak road network. So limbang roads link to Brunei and Temburong.

Exploring the town, its a vast develops town, and people here are utilizing the close diplomatic relationship with the neighboring Brunei county to do business. Good place to live...

Bukit Mas is within the Sembiling Nature Reserve which is the back bone hill of Limbang town, its an easy 30 mins hike up to the summit from either the Bukit Mas, or Tasik Mas trail.

How to get to this trail

1. Via the Bukit Mas route. 
From Pandaruan road, go all the way torwards the Temburong direction, just right after the old abandon Limbang airport, and the army camp, you will see a tarmac road up hill to the telekom and mobile transmission towels.
You can either park your car at the foot hill, or drive all the way up to the guard house near the towel, and start to hike from there.

2. Via Tasik Mas route
The only lake in Limbang is the tasik mas, is before the Limbang museum, and before the Limbang town. You can drive all the way up to the tasik mas (golden lake) recreation park, park your car there, and start to hike up hill.

The pictures below are from the Tasik Mas route, where you use the concrete, and wooden stairs to reach the summit. Its about 610 meter from Tasik Mas to the summit, but when you reach 290 meter, take note on your right...
Follow the warning tape label on the trees, and go into that trail, dont worry about getting lost, cause along the way there are clear label on where to go next, all the routes are clearly label by warning tapes.

Power cables, came all the way from the ground to the transmission towel. Huge effort needed for this work.
The routes are all label with clear indication by the hikers of Limbang

View of the Limbang river, and part of the Limbang residential area.

Its said that this hill there are bear, and this is one of the evident bear exist. Tree trunk with bear scars can be seem clearly, and I also heard rumor about some hikers encounter bear here. Have to stay alert when hiking here.

Trail exist where the path up the transmission towel from Bukit Mas, I normally hike here too

Bonus Trail - To the summit of Bukit Mas

Panoramic view of the Limbang river, and town
Borneo Explorer- Wilson Chin at the old transmission towel, but was dissemble due to old age, and safety concern.


Anonymous said...

Hello Wilson,

I hacent been to your webpage for along time because I lost my bookmarks and forgit what pages I was following. I chanced on your website again tonight and will bookmark it good to know that you still explore. Do call me if yiu are in Miri.


Wilson Chin said...

hi Dr Clem,

Long time didn't hear from you. Yes I'm still explore, the taking pictures. Thank you for visiting my blog, and hope to see you next time in Miri.