Sunday, September 20, 2015

Taman Negara Ulu Temburong National Park Exploration with Wilson Chin Brunei Borneo

Brief intro about Temburong
The #Temburong is the eastern-most district in #Brunei on the Borneo island. Its capital is called #Bangar the main town in Temburong.

Temburong is rich in unspoiled nature heritage, one of the protected forest is the Ulu Temburong National Park (Formerly the Batu Apoi Forest Reserve)

How to get to this place?
I went there by car from the Limbang town, be aware that Limbang to Temburong you will need a passport. After I reached, I visited the banks of the Temburong and #Belalong river. So to go to the national park, we need to use long boat by the temburong river, which I don't have time on this trip.

How to go to this belalong river, the google map is here

The journey is about 37km from Limbang town, and total driving time is about 55 minutes. When crossing the border, finger cross to hope that not much car queuing up to stamp their passport, cause this will save some time.

There is a lodge, and you can opt to spend a night, called The Freme Rainforest Lodge (
This suspension bridge is so high, that my legs are shaking when I'm up there...
I swam at that river, very refreshing stream water. The current is a bit strong at the middle, the bank are still ok. There are a lots of rocks in the river, I was amaze how the local can navigate so freely here with their long boat without the boat engine hit the stones.
I like this place, next time I want to spend more time here and visit the national park inside by using the longboat.


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