Monday, October 15, 2018

Mount Mulu Summit Exploration | UNESCO World Heritage Area | Mulu National Park | Post 3 of 3

The time was 2.30am, my summit push.
The night before was pouring rain, and I was so worried that it will be another wet hike, fortunately the rain stop. Estimate will take us about 3 hours to reach summit.
We are at about 1800meter above sea level, weather is cold. But I know I will sweat a lot, so warm clothes is not necessary for the time being. 
The steepest climb is just few meter bellow the peak, some part we have to use both hands and ropes in order for us to climb up. 
It was about 5.30am, finally we made it to the summit. It was still dark, waiting for sunrise to get a good view on the summit, and the surround view.
One of my hiking friend, his site is at here. He did quite a lot of new discovery back in Kuching, and I'm happy that he joined in this trip.
My buddy ah Loong and me on the summit. Day break and I can see the mountains and surrounding area. But its all covered in fog, very think fog. Unable to see the sunrise.
In the 19th Century, Spenser St John and Charles Hose, two old “Borneo Hands”, attempted to conquer Mount Mulu. They and other explorers and mountaineers failed. It wasn’t until 1920’s, when a Berawan rhino hunter named ‘Tama Nilong’ discovered the ‘south-west’ ridge, that a way to the summit was found. 

In 1932, Tama Nilong led Lord Shackleton and an Oxford University Expedition to the summit of Mulu. source take from Mulu Park website
There are many nephenthes lowii on the summit. You can to get above 1800m ASL then you will get to see many of these beautiful pitcher plant.
Sarawak is really a beautiful place, I love my homeland very much.
I come
I see
I conquer 
Talking on the phone at the helipad of camp 4, to arrange the trip for my Mulu pinnacle adventure. The place where I stood was at the very edge of the helipad, and it is also the only place to get week mobile reception.
I need a new pair of hiking shoes 😕

Distance: 2.3km
Max Altitude: 2376m
Min Altitude: 1794m
Start Hiking: 02.40am
Reach Camp 4: 05.30am
Duration: 3 hours
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Mount Mulu Summit Exploration | Post 3 of 3

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