Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Mount Mulu Summit Exploration | UNESCO World Heritage Area | Mulu National Park | Post 2 of 3

Camp 3 its at night its the temperature its about 24c that night. For me its cold, but its a good temperature to sleep inside my warm sleeping bag. We start our hike at 9am that morning, and will be going to camp 4 at about 1800m ASL.
Its mossy forest all the way to camp 4, as the humid and wet condition are perfect for mossy grow.
the porter starts slow, but manage to overtake me. For me I need to make sure my injured knee does not get much pressure, so I use my left leg to go upward, and the right leg follow. By doing so, I can let my injured right knee rest a bit. 
Almost all the corners are beautiful, all of us just can't stop 
I really like it here, I just take my time to hike, and document the things surround me. 
If I remember it correctly, this was at about 1400m ASL. Where I saw many crystal looking rocks on the trail. 
Nepenthes Hurrelliana
Orchid belongs to the Coelogyne species. 
Nephenthes Lowii
A cute and small Nepenthes Lowii
A dead tree log, and on top of it, full of small size nepenthes, how I wish in my garden I can also grow such beautiful plants.
Wilson Chin (me) and Ah Loong
I still remember at this point, my knee pain is really killing me. But I must not forget my sense of adventure, no pain no gain. 
Finally reached camp 4, the highest camp in Mulu park. 
From Camp 3 to Camp 4
09.05am - 02.15pm (5 hours), 5.7km
The temperature its about 19c that night, its very cold. I start to have running nose. And its pouring outside. I'm so worry about my summit push tomorrow morning.
I'm so greatful of our chef, he cooked for us early morning, prepare our packed lunch, and cook dinner again at night. And always let us eat first, and them eat the left over. As a token of appreciation, Ah Loong gave his camping lantern to the chef, so it will be easy for him to do his work in future. 
Dinner taste extra delicious when your camping outside.
The summit its just a few meter away from us, hope for a clear sky tomorrow :) 
to be continue...

Distance: 5.7km
Max Altitude: 1898m
Min Altitude: 1446m
Start Hiking: 09.05am
Reach Camp 4: 02.15pm
Duration: 5 hours
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