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Mulu Pinnacle View Point at Gunung Api | UNESCO World Heritage Area | Mulu National Park | Post 1 of 2

Its a sunny morning, I was accompany by my friends Ah Loong, Ah O, and Ben to go to the Mulu Pinnacle. The river its the only route for us to reach the trail head.
The first stage is a 1-2 hour boat trip along the Melinau River to Kuala Litut, along the way we stop by the Penan village, and the clear water cave. There are so many tourist at the Penan village, I saw one old lady are using a baby carrier made by rattan and bamboo carrying a baby, this makes me thing of both my little girl and boy back home, I always use the carrier to carry them.
Weather had gone from a sunny day to a cloudy day, and start to rain eventually. 
Some part of the the Melinau river are shallow, so our boatman had to push the boat for it to move forward.
The trail head to Camp 5, I just finished my hike to Mount Mulu summit yesterday, and have a few blisters on both of my feet. So today I need to use my sandals to trek. 
There are two overhead suspension bridge to cross, and this is the first one at about 1km from the trail head (Kuala Litut). This is the Melinau river as well, if the water level is high enough, the boat can go all the way from park HQ to Camp 5. But I prefer this way on doing the trekking, more fun. 
Here is the 2nd suspension bridge to cross at about 4.7km from the trail head. This bridge is bigger than the first one.
A bird eyes view on part of the Melinau river.
Still 4km to go for us to reach camp 5, I meat a few porters came from camp 5 direction. They are the team who carry food and luggage to camp 5, drop it there, and return to park HQ the same day.
The sharp rock formation, this is what I will be expecting tomorrow to the pinnacle view point.
Crystal clear water, the Melinau river.
After 2 hours and 20 mins, finally we reached camp 5.
Being welcome by Mount Benarat at a height of 1400m ASL
The side map signboard in from of Camp 5, and what interest me the most is the Head hunter trail to Kuala Terikan at 11km then to Limbang. Hope I can trek this trail in the future.
First night, we stayed in room 3, together with another group of hikers from Penang.
After the 9km hike, hunger kicks in. Here you can either buy food from the kitchen, or bring your own snacks. I recommend you bring your own food like bred, buns, or some instance noodles. So you can cook here. You can also refill your drinking water for free here. 

That's the kitchen, for us, its all included in our tour package, so while waiting for our guide to prepare dinner. We then went for a swim at the river near the helipad. 
The water is cleaner here compare the one near camp 5, super cold water. And the water current are strong at the middle of the river. 
We tidy up our bag, as tomorrow we will depart at about 6.30am. And will move to room 5, friends shared a few haunted story about room 5, lets see if I will have any special encounter or not while I sleep there tomorrow night.

Before I came here, my guide told me to bring insect repellent. So luckily we did, because many flying insect at night. At night, its ok to just sleep with a normal blanket or sleeping bag, not that freezing. But since we're sleeping with other people, so get ready to enjoy the snoring sound at night. Not necessary to rent the mosquito net, like us we didn't use any. So its up to you 😉
The toilet are super clean. You can have your shower there, and also wash your clothes there. After that you can dry your clothes outside here.
This is how the kitchen of camp 5 looks like. Its well equipped with cooking utensil, and have lighting, not sure where is the power coming from, because I did not hear any noise of generator. Guess it might be from the solar panel then.
Had our wonderful dinner at camp 5, together with my friend. L-R: Wilson Chin (me), Ben, Loong, Ah O.
While my stay in camp 5, I am fortunate enough to meet the team from BBC documentary. Both of them take part on making the Planet Earth documentary series, which is one of my favorite documentary of all time.
The beautiful moountain Mount Mulu range

From Kualu Litut to Mulu Camp 5
Distance: 9.7 km
Start Time: 01.50 pm
End Time: 04.10 pm 
Total Time: 02 Hrs 20 min
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