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Mulu Pinnacle View Point at Gunung Api | UNESCO World Heritage Area | Mulu National Park | Post 2 of 2

The Mulu Pinnacle is the most famous spot in the Mulu National Park, due to the sharp looking rock pinnacle on the 1200m ASL viewpoint, its a wonder of nature. 
My friends and I just finished our Mount Mulu Summit climb yesterday, and we continue our adventure again today to the Mulu Pinnacle. This is the life, I get to do the things that I like on day to day basis. I'm so lucky. Adventure never stop!
If your going to hike to the pinnacle soon, I can assure you that this is an easy hike. All you need to do its have a heavy breakfast in the morning, so that you will have enough food to burn into energy.

Well, that's how I felt that morning during my hike, the weather are fine, and birds are singing, my friends are cracking jokes along the way, I don't feel tired at all..well maybe a little bit. 😏
The trail are nicely marked with red paint, but regardless of that, we are not permitted to climb the Pinnacles unaccompanied, must have a licensed guide to bring us there.
limestone rock are everywhere, but because many people had trek here, so the trail are consider stable. Anyway, there are still loose rocks, so better be careful than sorry.
This is at about 900m ASL, the mini pinnacle, we had a quick break here for picture.
Here its about 600m ASL, saw the first batch of hikers left some of their bottle of water here. They did so because after their descent, they will still have water to drink. For me, I bring about 1.5 litter of water. The guide will advice you to bring from 2 - 3 litters of water. 
Here is the first ladder, about 1000m ASL. Its all climbing after this, many vertical rock faces. You will need all 4 limbs to help you get up.
The rope had been bolted nicely on the rock, it looks very stable to be. 
This morning we start at 06.30am, and reached at 10.00am. A total of 3 hours 30 min, 2.4km to the view point at 1200m ASL. 
A panoramic view over the pinnacle
I'm so hungry, this is the packed lunch prepare by my guide. 
The descend its a bit challenging compare to ascend, you need to descent slowly, plan your steps wisely to even the weight so that your knee will not get huge amount of pressure. Remember, protect your knees because there are still many mountain to climb in the future 💪😀 

Things to Bring:
water 2-3 litter
Rain coat

I don't recommend to bring hiking stick, not suitable in this terrain.

Some of the scars and bruises I get on climbing both Mulu Summit, and the Pinnacle
I've got 😁 a certificate issue by the Mulu National Park

From Camp 5 to Pinnacle View Point
Start Time: 06.30am 
End Time: 10.00am 
Total Time:3 hrs 30 min
Distance: 2.4km
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