Friday, July 05, 2019

Kampung Bunga Climbing The Mount With Strong Breeze At Bung Sadung, Serian, Kuching

 Area view of Kampung Bunga, Serian. The highest peak at Kampung Bunga mountain range its 753 meter above sea level.
 Kampung Bunga its situated on the Kuching-Serian road, about 10 mins drive from Serian town.
 Before we hike, we will need to register all our names with the village community 
 We are also been given a safety briefing before the hike in case some emergency happen. 
 And yes, its also the first time that we are given a warn up exercise before hiking 😅
A group photos
 Start our hike

 The trail head with a signboard and a big green arrow pointing to the left

 Pass by farm
 There are a lots of bamboos along the trail, some are very big size bamboo.

 The trail are well maintain by the village mountain trail community

 More bamboos

 The trail are mostly ascending, and there are two rest hut. 
 The last rest hut will be near the summit, if you reach the hut around 10am, you get to enjoy very nice breeze, its constant breeze, just nice to cool you down for the time being.
 The highest point, the mount Sadong of Kampung Bunga, Serian

 Able to view Serian town from far away

Trail Information
Distance: 3.9km (one way)
Time: 2 h 28 min
Max Elevation: 722 m
Video of my Hike


Taco Bell said...

I Love it ! It was good there was a plan in case of emergency.
Keep it up Wison.
Thanks for sharing.

Wilson Chin said...

Thank you for reading Taco Bell, Cheers :)