Monday, June 17, 2019

Batu Siman and Batu Tujuh | Ulu Baram Exploraton | Post 5 of 5

Batu Siman (3 peaks)
This is called the Batu Siman, its has this tree peaks right next to each others

View of Batu Siman after the rain

Beside took photos with Batu Siman, I notice the intresting road sign with distance to each village on it, so I took a photo with it. With the locals staring at me, I think the locals there are like, what is this city boy doing, taking picture with the boring signboard which we look at most of the time, so wired.

Batu Tujuh (7 peaks)
Visited this place by traveling for 61km (2 hours) from Long Selaan with a 4WD, a very beautiful place with the 7 peaks on the mountain, knows as Batu Tujuh (7 sisters summit peak). Many mountain range nearby, and this out stand out the most. I would love to be able to climb these peak in future if possible. Pity that day during my visit it rain heavily. If not I would have taken good footage with my drone.

The side view of the Batu Tujuh
R-L: 1 (hiding on the far right), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 
Start to drizzle, and there goes my hope to fly my drone :(
And the rain get heavier, we waited for a while in hope that the rain would stop, but it didn't.
Me and the 7 sisters peak, i'm so sad can't fly my drone to get a better shoot.
Peak No.1
Peak No.2
Peak No.3
Peak No.4
Peak No.5
Peak No.6 and No.7
Heavy downpour, with thunder
The view on the 7 sisters summit peak after the rain.
A very big Tapang Tree on our way back to the homestay.

This conclude my 5 days Ulu Baram Exploration Post, 
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