Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Mount Sentah A Local Village On Top of The Mount

The Sentah Village situated at Siburan town, my last visit was at year 2010, where I hike up with my aunts. Read the post here. So 9 years later, I revisit the place again, this time, not with my SLR (it was broken in one of my hike to Santubong), with my Olympus TG-5 compact camera, and my Mavic Pro Drone.

This is the base of the mount, and there is a stream nearby, I saw many litters there. And strong smell of urine too 😖

After I used my Olympus for more than a year, I still can't really get over with the image quality if I where to compare with my old SLR Nikon D90. But I know the both of them can't be compare like so, but I just can't help it. Really feel the need to get a SLR again, yet my hike most of the time are rugged, humid and damp. SLR still not a good idea, and its heavy too.

Coming back to Sentah mount, the big Tapang trees can still be seen, some additional handrail are installed along the trail up to the mountain. 

Still can see the farmers doing their plantation along the mountain cliff.

There is only one narrow road for the village people to go up and down, and I notice the villages some have car. My question will be what if one car need to drive down, and another one from the opposite direction needs to go back up, and there are no place to give way, what happen then?

Use about 30 minutes to hike up until the church of the Sentah village. Power up my drone, and get some footage from above.

The height of this mount its just around 126 meter above sea level. The view up there its really nice, as you are able to view the Siburan town from above. 
Kampung Sentah has been in existence for more than 630 years and is the ancestral home of Bidayuh Biatah clan, the settlement was started by the villagers from the nearby kampungs which are the Kampung Kuop, Sungai Du’uh, Masa’an, Sinjok, Tijirak, Seratau and Primas. Kampung Sentah was once thriving but now, only some 40 odd families with a population of over 100 people live there.
There are few big Tapang trees still intact, and its a good sign, the people there protect the forest

The Siburan town can be seem far away, as its the most develop town among the three (Siburan 17th mile , Beratok 21st mile, and Tapah 22nd mile) along the Kuching-Serian road. 

The Sentah Village

Trail Details:
Height: 126 Meter ASL
Total Distance: 2.18 KM
Total Time: 32 Minutes

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