Sunday, August 10, 2008

Penang Ferry Service

Penang Ferry Service is the oldest ferry service in Malaysia. The famous ferry service connects Sultan Abdul Halim ferry terminal in Butterworth to Raja Tun Uda ferry terminal at Weld Quay in George Town in Penang Island. The ferry service began operation in 1920, under the management of a Chinese-owned company. However, today, it is jointly operated by the Penang Port Commission (PPC) and Penang Port Sdn Bhd. For the ferry rate are Adults RM1.20, and Children age between 1 to 12 RM0.60.

This is my second day at Penang, and after a long day of roaming in the cities of George Town. I then plan to take some shoots of the Penang bridge. The time now is 07:03pm, and the sky is still very bright. My friend and I went to the Raja Tun Uda ferry terminal queue up to depart to the next ferry. While waiting, I boot up my laptop and transfer all the photos to free some memory. The ferry goes back and forth every 15 to 30 minutes, and I’ve board the 07:15pm ferry. The haze causes me can’t get a clear shoot of the Penang Bridge which is very disappointed. When I’m half way to Butterworth, I look back Penang Island. Love the dusk scene, Penang Jetty had been cover by a thin haze, which make the scene feels more mystery. It took us around 30 minutes to cross to Butterworth. My friend and I were tired after walking the whole day. We sat at the bus terminal and rest. The time was 07:50pm, I don’t know where to go. On my map I saw there’s a shopping center called “The Summit”, I wake up my friend and board the bus to The Summit. To get there it took us 50 minutes bus ride, when we reach the place it was closing. We went in, and took as many shoots as I can. Then we get in the bus and went back to the ferry terminal.

From the Terminal to The Summit, bus rate RM1.00. From The Summit to Ferry Terminal bus rate RM2.00. To get back to George Town, we need to pay RM1.20 each. I pay a RM1 note to the ticket counter, but he gave me back two RM0.50 coins. I was curious why he do that, and then I just realize that this is not like KL. They don’t issue a ticket or card; we need to insert the coin into the machine to get into the Terminal. The time was 10:00pm, my friend and I was on our way back to George Town. I’ve shoot a lot of night scene, I can’t stable my camera so I set it ISO400 to get a faster shutter. My photos suck because of the high noise level.

Is a good experience with the ferry service. I’ve shot a Panorama photo of the Jetty, hope you guys enjoy my dear readers. :)

This is the Raja Tun Uda ferry terminal at Weld Quay in George Town.

On our way to the Ferry Terminal, there’s a lot of stalls along the way. Penang famous with their Tau Sar Pnah, which is a local delicacy at Penang, and it can be found on most of the stalls here.

One of the ferry park on the terminal here

To enter to the ferry, the ferry is a double deck ferry. The lower deck is for vehicles, while the upper deck is for people.

Sunset on the ferry terminal

Inside the upper deck of the ferry, the people live at Butterworth have to either cross the Penang bridge (with toll) or use ferry to cross over to Penang Island, which personal I think is very troublesome.

sunset on the Penang Island

Penang is a beautiful place for photography

Due to the haze, I can’t take a clear shoot on the Penang bridge

Reaching Butterworth

Crossing over to Butterworth is free of charge, but we need to pay RM1.20 each for going back to the Penang Island

My friend and I took a bus to The Summit shopping center at Butterworth

and it cost us RM1.00 each, we’re using Rapid Penang, is one of the bus services

After a 50 minutes bus ride, we had reach our destination

but the place will be closing at 9:00pm, I hurry take as many photos as I can for memories. Then we took the bus back to the ferry terminal, but this time it cost us RM2.00 each.

The ride last about 30 minutes, with non-stop along the way

We have to pay RM1.20 for getting to Penang Island. They accept coins only, so we can get small change at the ticket counter

This is the terminal, but much people left

night scene of Penang Island, sorry for the high noise level, I can’t get a stable shoot inside the ferry so I have to set my camera ISO level to 400, I have to get myself a better camera :(

From the look of their face, they are all tired after a day of hard work, from the look of my shaky hand, I’m tired after a long day of non-stop photos shotting.

Yeah!!! I love Penang, we’ve reach George Town again

Now where is my map??? we live at a Budget Hotel called the “75 Travellers Lodge” (strongly recommended by Lonely Planer guide book). Is at Lebur Muntri, and estimate 25 minutes walking distant from the Jetty. Good Night my dear readers, see you guys tomorrow morning ;)

Panorama View of the Jetty

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