Wednesday, January 07, 2009

mvdoulos - Bringing Knowledge, Help and Hope to Kuching

I always wanted to visit Doulos the bookship, and everytime when she's here I've always missed.

But not this time, I finally get to meet her face to face.

I roam at the ship deck, and took a lot of photos

The Moulos, bringing knowledge, help and hope. I like that slogan very much

ha! they have this cute painting of Noah's Ark on the ship, is so cute. The painting cover all the story of Noah from being till the end.

Bye bye Doulos, see you next time.


Anonymous said...

This ship is a simply a floating church disguised as book-ship and awaiting the innocent victims to come on board much like crocodile preying by the river bank.

The Noah’s Ark is the ancient Babylonian folklore that was plagiarized and incorporated in the New Testament. It meant to carry a message of punitive, unforgiving and un-loving god. Christianity is basically evil and is also the inventor of hell.

Knowledge has never this floating-church’s priority, but living a life of absurdity and stupidity is.


Wilson Chin said...

ya, most of the books are Christianity books, but there are also science, cooking, children, documentary, atlas, and more others type of books. It also helps in improving the reading habit at Kuching since she got here. That's a good thing also.

HBK said...

Junglemen, Noah's Ark in new testaments? Plagiarized from The Babyloanians?

No wonder you claimed Christianity to be evil and creator of hell :)

Dav DiDi said...

Junglemen, your words is absolutely ridiculous.. Doulous has been her entire life serving for the world.

The next time they come, they might not be called Doulous.. I heard, this is the lastime they will come here as Doulous.. The ships' contract ended after 100yrs .. They will come... with different ship.. not sure how true this is