Friday, August 20, 2010

Free HDR photos of Fishing Village - The visitation to the Telega Air

Our last hope for getting a boat to the Sampadi Island....

Well, it was around 1PM when we reach this village, and yep we manage to look for a boat alright, but it went off to the island already.

And for the ticketing stall, it had close early today due to the fasting month for the Malay people.

*both hand slap face and deep inhale* OMG~~~ there goes my Sampadi Island trip for today.

Guys, lesson learn today is Must make proper arrangement before go for a trip :P

I will get to that island in the future!


TV said...

ur first photo, the little island on the right. is Sibu Laut.
where i grew up.

Wilson Chin said...

Thanks for dropping by Timothy :)
maybe we can catch up some time, and u bring us around to all the island near by :)
take care my friend.