Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lunch @ Macheree Homestay & Adventure

After my friends and I visited the Annah Rais hotspring... we went to the homestay just opposite the entrance of hotspring.

The homestay is run by a local villages people there, and the mum is the hotel manager, the father is the chef in the house, the two young daughter are the waiterss,and the brother is the ..... nop when I was there he just sat there are ate his lunch.

This homestay provided a variety of tour packages, they have a daytrip tour, and also an overnight tour package (A total of 6 to be exact).

The food there is super delicious, the father told us the he made the food aroma with local herb and spices, and blend them by using traditional way. All organic, no pesticide. And he also charge us RM5 per plate of food, that is damn cheap!!!

Check out the surrounding in my video below :)

I want to overnight here :D

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