Friday, September 07, 2012

Mount Matang Maha Mariamman Temple, The Indian Temple at Kuching, Borneo.


I joined a new group of friends on my hiking trip in Kuching, today we went to two places. To the matang family park, and hike to the waterfall, then we decided to come to this place. Is called Mount Mike, mount mike is a Christian church on the foot hill, and on top of the mount, there is this India temple called the Maha Mariamman Temple. This is the only place in Kuching where there is an India temple in Kuching.

To go to this place, you need to drive to the direction where the red bridge of Matang is. But when you reach a corner after the Malay mosque, try to lookout on your left, there will be a sign board displayed “Mount Mike”, turn left into the Malay Village, and drive straight in. When you reach the foot hill, there will be a few people there asking money from you to look after your vehicle. We paid RM5 for them.
On the food hill, if you're lucky enough you will discover a few species of pitcher plant. 

The journey to reach the top takes around 40 minutes, the mount is not steep, so is very easy to walk up. On my way up, I saw a group of youngsters from Kuching, they bring their mountain bike over to try out the terrain, and their mountain bike performance. And also some devortise just finish praying, and going down hill.

Before reach to the top, there will be a shrine, and an Indian God in the shrine. Two signboard, on the left is to the Maha Mariamman Temple, and on right up is to the bungalow house of the second white Rajah Charles Brooke. I asked one of the people there, he told me that now there is no more bungalow, but just left a few wooden structure, so is not worth to go over. I thanked him, and continue with my journey.

When reaching the main entrance, another stairway, I been here a few years back, and now the place has become prettier. The temple had change from the old Belian wood temple to a newly build Indian temple. My right knee is aching that time, I rub it with my hand to try ease the pain, but no use. I walk slowly up the stairs, before entering the temple, the priest stop us, and request us to take out our shoes, and wash our legs before entering the temple.

I took out my shoes, washed my hands, legs, face, and hair. And drank the tab water too, cause I finish my water when I'm at Matang waterfall. Then I go in and pray to the Indian God. Also asked for permission to take video inside, and the priest approve. There are also other climbers there, and one of them asked the priest if he knows yoga, and the priest answered yes.

My right knee is killing me, I barely can walk properly. So I keep on rubbing my knee hope the pain will ease a bit. We stayed for 15 minutes, took some pictures, and use another 30 mintues to reach to the foot hill.

I did some google search on the history of this place, and include that history in my video. Please remember to thumb me in my video, and subscribe for more of my nature documentary video, and join me in my journey around Sarawak. 

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hocm said...

Hi, I see on google maps, after the red bridge there is a road called Jalan Lundu-Sempadi 1134. So we turn left into road 1134?
Then do we need to make any more turns?
It would be nice if you could provide GPS location?

Wilson Chin said...

Hi Ho, you can use this this is the location on google map.
Is at the Jalan Matang (route 1124) and at the Perpustakaan Desa Kampung Matang, turn left, and you will see Mount Mike signboard on your left. Turn left, and you can ask around the village people there, they are happy to show you the way, if not, just drive strait, and you can find your way there too.