Saturday, July 05, 2014

Visitation to the Spaoh Town, Borneo Sarawak

Spaoh is a small town and district in the Betong Division in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia, formerly known as Saribas District. I was driving all the way from Kuching to there, and the journey took around 4 hours.

This is the first time I visit this place, as previously I only heard about Betong. And Spaoh is the town after Betong. From the main highway, to the entrance (the Puffer Fish statue), and into the town it took around 20 mins, the road to town are like snake, with turns here and there.

The Spaoh town is famous for the puffer fish (ikan Buntal in local), and yes as we all know that this fish is poison. But if you know the way to handle, this is actually a supreme dish for them. So this place will also organise a puffer fish festival to cheer the small town up.

The time I visited was the Muslim fasting month, so during the evening I am in luck for some delicious local food. The muslim are getting ready for open fast so food are everywhere :)

A small town like this, they have a police station, school, and few rows of old wooden shop. The owner told me that the age of the shop is around 70 years old, and was passdown as a family business. I saw some picture of his children in their graduation gown. The children will not stay here again as they have a better opportunity in the big cities, but the old folks no mater how sick they are, this will still be the place that they chose to spend the rest of their life.

After a few hours stay, my friends and I then drive back to Kuching again. Another 4 hours drive :)

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