Thursday, November 05, 2015

Borneo Highland Exploration Penrissen Summit, the Leeches Mountain

How to go here?
1st, please take note that there are no public transport to Borneo Highland Resort. You will have to chartered a taxi, or make new friend in Kuching, and ask him/her to drive you to Borneo Highland.

We drive here all the way from Kuching town, took us within 2 hours to reach.

How much is the entrance fees?
We paid RM8 per person to enter Borneo Highland, and drive all the way up to the resort entrance. Where we will be greed by the security guard.

Then, we paid another RM10 to use their car (compulsory) to go to the viewpoint of Kalimantan, Indonesia. That is where we start our hike.

The young and brave Borneo Explorer, Wilson Chin (me)

Do you need a guide?
  • There are marking on the trees for you to follow, not necessary to hire guide.
  • There are two route, 1st the longer one will lead you to Batu Panggah (click to reach) then to summit which takes you estimate 3 - 4 hours from starting point to summit.
  • 2nd route, from starting point bypass the gold court, and to summit (about 2 hours)

What will you encounter?
Leeches, a lot of leeches :D LOL.... so do get ready for that, do regular checking on your legs, bring some medicine to stop bleeding after leech bite.

Total Cost I use for this trip

Car          : RM0 (follow my friend so .... )
Entrance : RM18 (RM8 for entrance & RM10 for ride to viewpoint)
Food       : RM3.50 (packed noodles from coffeeshop for lunch at summit)
Total       : RM21.50

Do email me if you require further information, and have a nice trip to the summit :)

p/s: There are quite a number of litter along the way, do help to carry some litter down if possible. Lets protect the forest together.

Wilson Chin

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