Bako National Park the Teluk Limau Bay 巴哥国家公园的石灰海湾

A leisure weekend camping trip at the Bako National Park, Teluk Limau Bay
Its about 35 mins from Kampung Bako to Teluk Limau
The most visited place will be this one, Teluk Pandan Kecil (Pandan Kecil Bay)
This is the Tanjung Rhu at Bako National Park, It takes about 2 hours and 45 mins to hike to tanjung Rhu.
这是巴哥国家公园的禺海角, 禺海角的日出很漂亮,步行到这儿大概两小时四十五分钟。
Hilly valley, and at the back will be the Muara Tebas penisular. 
丘陵地带,这个海湾的背后就是TEBAS 河口半岛,靠近青山一带。
Setup our tents
Smoke roastert chicken
The greatest enjoyment, to camp on the beach with beautiful sunset right in front of you.


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