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Bau Trip (Final Part)

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After visiting the Wind Cave, my last destination will be the Fairy Cave. I’ve been to the Fairy Cave before; and inside the cave view is absolutely fabulous.

Time: 3:30pm
The Fairy Cave is situated on a more rural area, compare to the Wind Cave on the side of the road there are only green grass and tress.

Time: 3:39pm
We passes by a corn farm, there’re lots of rocks in the corn farm. I am very curious on why are there only this part has rocks, but then why the people still wanted to chose here to plant, why not choose other place with no rock?

Time: 3:41pm
While we are riding, warn breeze blowing on our face. Wei Shian start to get a bit worry, cause we had drive for quite a while but still no sign of the cave. I told him to keep on going, and maybe there will be a signboard soon.

Time: 3:41pm
Just when I finish my sentence, a sign board showed up. It point Gua Fairy à mean Fairy Cave turn left. Luckily we didn’t go to the wrong place, so left we go.

Time: 3:42pm
Does this place look familiar? If you remember it looks just like the path before we reach Wind Cave, Wei Shian said during his studies at UK, he did visit a place called the Crystal Cave, and the road to the cave and more similar like the one we using now.

Time: 3:44pm
Just before we reach the main entrance of Fairy Cave, there is a hillside just before the Fairy Cave, we went in there and have a look.

Time: 3:47pm
When go deeper into the hillside, there is a hole that lead into the cave. But it was very dark, and is very danger for us just to go in like that. So we just walk on the foot of the hill. I discover some joss stick near some of the rocks; I guess maybe there is some spiritual ceremonies perform here, and there is also a strange looking flag with some blur wording handing just middle of this hill. For me it really looks impossible for a human to hang a flag there.

Time: 3:48pm
A panorama view on the hillside, this place looks spooky. We left after I finish taking photos on the whole place.

Time: 3:49pm
We had reached the entrance of Fairy Cave. To enter the cave, we have to walk up from a stairs way that lead to the middle of the cave. From here the stairs way is all cover by the trees.

Time: 3:49pm
The sign board said “Welcome to Fairy Cave”

Time: 3:50pm
This is how the stairs way look like, at the bottom of the stairs way. There suppose to be a guard recording the visitor information, but that day there is no one there.

Time: 3:52pm
This here is an old stairs way that used to let people climb into Fairy Cave, is very danger cause with just one wrong step there will only be a tragic ending. But I am very impress on who ever build this stairs, is very unbelievable. This is only one part of the stairs, there is more on the middle of the hill.

Time: 3:53pm
This is the stairs that we use nowadays it look more solid, and it is safer, easier, and wider than the old one.

Time: 3:54pm
This is how it looks when you look down from the top of the stairs.

Time: 3:54pm
Picture of the Day - and this is how the view looks like when you’re at the top of the stairs.

Time: 3:56pm
We start to walk into the cave, there is a sign board and it read “Mind Your Head”. When you reach the sign board part, it started to get dark. You need to walk very slow, and there is also water dripping from the top.

Time: 3:57pm
This is the final part of the stairs measuring 75 °, very slanting. And the worse part is that there is bat shit on the railing, we had no choice but to hold it. Else is really hard for us to climb up.

Time: 3:57pm
When you reach this part it is just a few steps away that link you to another word. You can feel the wind blowing from up then down to the stairs case. The wind must go through here, as this is the only way out.

Time: 3:58pm
The long waited Fairy Cave, we finally reach here. One word to describe this view “Beautiful”.

Time: 4:00pm
There are hundred steps of stairways that lead to the cave hole.

Time: 4:01pm
The first thing that Wei Shian does is asked me to take a photo of him in the cave. He seems to be very eager to be here. Well there you go, one for the album.

Time: 4:02pm
Down there is the entrance, when we’re reached this part. We stop to take a breather before we go on; we sweat all over our body. It was very tired; I admit I don’t have the stamina. I should do exercise regularly.

Time: 4:03pm
They named this The Fairy Cave is because most of the stone here look similar with some of the Chinese God. Some people even worship the stone here, as we can see there are some joss stick and red candles on the ground.

Time: 4:03pm
On the left there are two stone standing, one tall, one short. It looks like the tall stone is holding the hand of the short one. Can you tell how tall is the BIG stone on the right?

Time: 4:06pm
Well, here’s a photo of me with the BIG stone. Wonder how long it had been standing there?

Time: 4:16pm
It’s just looks like a statue of a people sitting there. The head, the body…

Time: 4:17pm
I’ve use the self-timer to take a shoot of Wei Shian and I.

Time: 4:18pm
Among all the stone, this one had the most similarity looks with the Chinese God Guan Ying (观音菩萨). I pray there for a while and leave.

Time: 4:18pm
A shot on both of us with the cave hole.

Time: 4:19pm
Behind us is a rock that had dripping, so people name this as the Fairy Drop. They even put a statue on the rock.

Time: 4:20pm
Here is a closer look on the statue.

Time: 4:22pm
We must take each step carefully, if one careless misstep we will fall down and hurt ourself.

Time: 4:32pm
We are now walking towards the cave hole, and we are just a few meter away.

Time: 4:26pm
Half way to the cave hole we looked back, this is the wonder work of nature! Opposite us is the place where the BIG standing stone is, means that we had walk half way inside this cave.

Time: 4:30pm
Finally we reach the last part of the Fairy Cave. Is very windy up here, can feel the breeze blowing towards us.

Time: 4:36pm
There is another small hole, just next to the big one. I was curious to go and check it out.

Time: 4:36pm
After entering the small hole, I need to climb a bit down to see the view outsite.

Time: 4:37pm
This is how it’s looks like.

Time: 4:38pm
After a few shots, I think is time for us to say goodbye to the Fairy Cave. Our adventure ends here folks.

Time: 4:44pm
Going back down is another hard work.

Time: 4:49pm
After all the climbing, walking, photographing, chitchatting, it makes us hungry. Wei Shian suggests go Bau town again to try the local food, is a good idea.

Time: 5:00pm
When we reach Bau town, we keep on round and round the town area deciding which coffee shop should we go into.

Time: 5:10pm
At last we settle down in this “Kiaw Min Wing Cafe” this one of the brach, wonder where is the Headquarter?

Time: 5:15pm
Each of us order the largest coca-cola RM2.00, it was RE- - -FRESH- - -ING. We just keep on drinking and drinking and drinking.

Time: 5:18pm
Most of the people here are “Hack Ka” people, the owner come take our order by asking us in Hack Ka. We ordered two special Kolo Mee, big size RM3.00 each.

Time: 5:18pm
The mee is too dry, so Wei Shian go asked for soup and is free of charge.

Time: 5:20pm
By the time we finish our dinner is almost dusk.

Time: 5:47pm
Going back home, the traffic condition is smooth. Both of us are tired, dirty, and the only thing in our mind now is to reach home fast.

Time: 6:02pm
Finally we reach home, what a day, what an adventure. Oh by the way, our transport is this motorbike a Honda Wave 125cc.

Time: 6.02pm
For my left eye, I still feel a bit pain and itchy. I’ll clean it when I bath.

This is me now, and my left eye are ok. For my next adventure, I will be going jungle tracking or mountain climbing with my co-worker. Will blog about it if I rally go, till then, this is the end of my Bau Trip (Final Part), good night my dear reader.

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Kid, Mooi Chin 湯 looks yummy :) Wonder why it's free of charge.
Good to hear your right eye ( remeber, from the photo view, it's my left but your right)