Friday, July 29, 2005

Bau Trip (Part Two)

A little recap from my previous blog, when I was on my way to Bau a bug accidentally flew into my eyes, luckily my eyes was ok. Then I went to the Tasik Biru.

Time: 1:58pm
After visiting Tasik Biru Blue Lakewe then continue our adventure to the Wind Caved, I was telling Wei Shian that after the Wind Cave there is still a Fairy Cave, the entrance is halfway up the mountain.
“Is that the Fairy Cave?” Wei Shian asked.
“…I think so” I answered.

Time: 1:59pm
After all the guessing, we then found ourself in a very beautiful road. Along the road, there are trees, all the tree trunk are bending on the top to reach to touch tree trunk from opposite site. It is like a tunnel that form by nature, very beautiful.

Time: 2:00pm
Yes!!! We have reach Wind Cave, I can see two big pavilions. We then park our vehicle near the entrance, drink water. Adjust the setting of our camera, check our wallet to see enough money to pay the entrance fee or not.

Time: 2:00pm
A big sign showing us where to enter, the uncle that guard the entrance booth give us a friendly welcome smile.

Time: 2:01pm
We then read the Notice board to see how much we have to pay. Adult is charge RM3.00 per person, Student/ Senior Citizen/ Disable Person is charge RM1.50 per person, and Children that is below 6 years old are allowed free entrance.

Time: 2:01pm
At first we standby to pay RM3.00, then the uncle asked us “Are both of you students?”, then I hurry replied “YES we are! We are still studying.”. “Ok then, that will be RM1.50 for each person.” Yeah~~~can save RM3.00, later we can buy cola with the RM3.00.

Time: 2:01pm
We didn’t bring our own torch light, so we had rent one and it cost us RM3.00. The uncle also writes our name and time entering the cave for safety purpose. I hope the bats won’t shit on me when I am in the cave.

Time: 2:02pm
The Notice board read: No Hunting, No Cutting of Trees, No Littering, No Open Fire.

Time: 2:03pm
A location map, as you see clearly there is a river, the river flow through the cave. We are not at the North, the river flow from North East, to the South. There are place for people to swim at the South side of the mountain, and that is our next destination will be. But now get ready to enter the cave with us.

Time: 2:04pm
There are 3 cave passages, the nearest entrance is Cave Passage No.1. The three passages can either be entrance or exit.

Time: 2:05pm
My camera shuttle just keeps on open and close. I just can’t let any of this scene slip away from my camera.

Time: 2:06pm
Just when we want to enter the cave, my 4 Mega Pixel Olympus stated to let me down. It can’t take good night shot, the cave is very dark until you can’t even see your own hand. The torch light is not bright enough to light up the whole cave.

Time: 2:06pm
Just when I stated to feel that there is no hope, Wei Shian took out his 5 Mega Pixel Sony Cybershot. He then set the flash lever to the highest, and he try to make the first shot in the cave. It come with good result, I am happy that Sony didn’t let us down.

Time: 2:06pm
Inside the cave we hear the sound of water dripping, and smell bat shit. Can’t see clearly what is in front of us.

Time: 2:07pm
In the cave there are bridges/paths that build for tourist to explore the cave. Next time if you go, don’t touches the railing cause is full of bat shit, and is very smelly as well.

Time: 2:08pm
The rocks in the cave are wired, I wonder how can all of this form?

Time: 2:08pm
Our torch light is very dim, we can only see a small portion of the cave plus both of us share one torch light. I regret didn’t bring a bigger torch light.

Time: 2:09pm
There are a lot of stair cases, and thanks to the dim light I knock my foot at the stair case many times.

Time: 2:10pm
Just above our head, we hear noise made by bat. We look up, and saw a lot of bat hanging on the rocks. I hurry zoom in the shoot them all :P

Time: 2:12pm
A Viewing Platform for us to view the front part of the cave (start from the entrance). I did take photo of it, but sorry folks it was too dark so I didn’t post the photo up.

Time: 2:12
Not far from the viewing platform, Wei Shian saw light coming out from the cave. We go for a closer look, and notice is a small mountain pass.

Time: 2:13pm
I think this is tree or grass root.

Time: 2:14pm
With a little imagination it looks like a big alien head that support the root from falling down.

Time: 2:15pm
Bellow there is Cave Passage No.2 which is not where we are going. We need to go deeper into the cave.

Time: 2:17pm
With a little imagination again, this looks like one of the alien monster (魔人普乌)that want to destroy the world in the Dragon Balls comic book.

Time: 2:19pm
Wei Shian and I did get a little nervous, cause at then we are the only two person in the cave.

Time: 2:19pm
If a giant cave monster suddenly come and eat us, there will be no place to run or hide.

Time: 2:22pm
This is a very deep mountain valley, how deep it is I really don’t know. I had tried to through a stone down, and we only can hear the sound getting smaller and smaller. I thin we better go before we fall down.

Time: 2:25pm
Though this is called the Wind Cave, but I tell you that time Wei Shian and I were sweating there is not even a single breeze. They should add a No in front of the Wind Cave.

Time: 2:26pm
Wei Shian is holding the torch light, while I do the photographing. Suddenly Wei Shian said “Wilson, hurry takes this one.” I look up, WTF there are two little cute pig face bats hanging on the cave. I hurry zoom in, wait for the flash to charge, and “catcha” took their photo.

Time: 2:27pm
And just beside the pig face bats, is an edible bird’s net the swallow is still in the net. Bird’s net is a very expensive thing, as it is good for our health. Many people get rich because of doing the bird’s net business, this lately is popular in raising swallow in a building. They play a casset tape of swallow sound in am empty building, and hope the swallow will net in the building. This people, they can do anything in order to get rich.

Time: 2:30pm
I took this photo twice, why? Because when I took the first one, I though I saw something on the cave wall, I preview the photo at my camera. All I can see is small black dot, so I took a second shoot, and I notice is full of bats hanging on the wall. After took the shoot, we hurry leave the place, because I scare they will attack us in groups.

Time: 2:31pm
This little small black dots are all bats, it looks very scary.

Time: 2:38pm
If suddenly an earth quake strike, 100% Wei Shian and I will be crush like bugger meat. Talk about bugger, now I feel a bit hungry as I haven’t had my dinner yet.

Time: 2:39pm
The deeper the cave, the more bats there are.

Time: 2:39pm
Just look at the shape of the cave, I was wonder is this made by man or nature? It is really amazing.

Time: 2:40pm
We almost reach the exit of the cave, can you see the light behind Wei Shian…

Time: 2:42pm
… It looks like our cave exploration is going to end soon.

Time: 2:44pm
Under the pathway, we can hear water. Is the stream that flow out from the cave, and there are people swimming at the stream. Wei Shian told me at first he wanted to swim in the stream as well, but after exploring the cave and saw all the bat shit “Wilson, lets just forget about the swimming idea la.” He said.

Time: 2:58pm
With a little imagination again, I can see a big jelly fish hanging on the wall.

Time: 2:59pm
We touch the cave took a photo to prove we had been to the Wind Cave before. I was kindda short, so it a bit hard for me to stretch up and touch the cave wall.

Time: 3:00pm
Must be careful when walk out the cave, many water dripping up the cave. Wei Shian said this is mineral water, but I say this is bat shit water.

Time: 3:00pm
This is the exit, cave passage no.2, we can go out from no.3 but this lately there are landslides, so no.3 is close from visitor for the moment.

Time: 3:10pm
A Notice board that display the same message before we enter from cave passage no.1.

Time: 3:19pm
We had reach the end of our cave journey, we thanks the uncle at the ticket booth to look over our vehicle, asked direction on the Wind Cave stream, and wave good bye to him. He also gave us a friendly good bye wave back :)

Time: 3:20pm
To the river stream…

Time: 3:26pm
With just a few minutes ride, we reach our next destination. There’s a very beautiful design sign board saying Welcome Wind Cave Nature Reserve.

Time: 3:26pm
Mr. Sun had started to work, and he had sine well cause is very HOT.

Time: 3:37pm
We then find a place to sit down to rest our feet. We ate some snack, and drink some water to charge our energy for the next cave.

Time: 3:32pm
The place is full of people, one family even start to barbeque.

Time: 3:32pm
The water looks very clear, I asked Wei Shian again whether he wants to go for a swim or not? He point the middle finger to me and said “No Way!!!”.

Here is a clip of the stream, enjoy.

Time: 3:33pm
A panorama view on the stream, and this is the end of my Bau Trip (2), the last bog will be up soon on my adventure at Fairy Cave. Inside the cave is like a different world, is very beautiful. And I am impress that nature can build such beautiful masterpiece. So my dear reader, see you all in my next blog. I am going to sleep now, tomorrow still need to work.

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cooknengr said...

Kid, Taiko want to smack you on your head for telling lie to uncle.

The facility is kind enoght to make the entrance affordable for students, senior and the disabled, we should not abuse the system. I know it's just a mere $1.5....but still. You think Dine will respect you for what you did ? May be 上天有眼 someday He turn you into a real 獨眼龍 for using previledges reserved for the disabled :)

Anyway, that's Taiko's 做人的原則. If everyone back home respect the rules, Kuching would be a much more comfortable society to live in and I don't have to hide out here in California.

Wilson Chin said...

e - Every one have their own 做人的原則 I respect that, but Taiko ar~~we cannot hide away from trouble or any uncomfortable society, but we should be brave and face the problem. I am sure Dine will respect me when i am brave enough to face my problem. Anyway I am happy to know a responsible person like u taiko :)