Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bau Trip (Part One)

Last Sunday Wei Shian and I went to an adventure trip to Bau. Bau is is situated about 37 Kilometer from the Kuching town.

Time: 12:52pm
Weather: Windy with dark clouds
The weather today is just perfect for going to an adventure. We plan to visit the famous Wind Cave and Fairy Cave. To go to our destination, we need to drive by the Batu Kawa New Township.

Time: 12:59pm
When we pass by Batu Kawa, we head into SHELL gas station to fill up the petrol. I was worry that we might not have enough full to get back from Bau, cause there are only left half of the fuel in the tank.

Time: 1:03pm
After filling up, we continue with our journey. Along the road, there are many interesting buildings. Is been quit a while since the last time I visit Bau, so everything is like very fresh to me. This is the ST’s Mark Catholic Church of Batu Kawa.

Time: 1:05pm
I love the weather today, is not very hot and dry. After pass the Church, then follow by a Stone Mill. There are also a Stone Mill near Tapah Village (Near grandma house), if have change I will take a shot of it and post it up.

Time: 1:07pm
A Sand Mill situated opposite of the road. It looks like most of the factories here produce heavy material.

Time: 1:10pm
After the Sand Mill there is a bridge, (sorry folks I forgot to take a shot of the river name). Located just beside the bridge, is a factory that produce sand as well, when we were crossing the bridge a ship was towing a big mound of sand going under the bridge. It was too bad I didn’t have enough time to take a shot on the ship.

Time: 1:15pm
Factory sells Aluminum Zink, Polyester, and house roof.

Time: 1:22pm
Bau, Lundu, strait ahead. Lucky there’s a sign along the road, I was so worry that we might go the wrong way.

Time: 1:24pm
Sit tight folks, we still have 15 Kilometer to reach Bau town.

Time: 1:26pm
Yes, finally I saw a sign of the caves. I hurry switch on my camera and took this shot, and just after I took this shot…something bad happen to me, I was in such a pain that even Wei Shian is frighten by me. Wei Shian stop the vehicle immediately to check that I am OK or not.

Time: 1:28pm
Fuck!!! Very unfortunate a bug had flue into my left eye in a very high speed; it was very painful. I hurry use my hand try to get the bug out while shout Wei Shian to “STOP, STOP!” I manage to get the bug out, I use mineral water to wash my eye. That time my tears can’t stop coming out from my eye. I was scare that I might become blind that time.

Time: 1.30pm
After rest for a while, we continue on with our journey. I can’t just let this stupid little bug spoil my adventure on this beautiful day. Here’s another sign it read “going Left Bau (6KM), Tasik Biru (7KM), Wind Cave (7KM), Fairy Cave (13KM), Paku Hot Spring (11KM).”

Time: 1:32pm
Selamat Datang ke Bandar Bau “Welcome to Bau Town”, we can see this big welcoming sign when entering Bau town.

Time: 1:34pm
I took a shot of myself to see how my eye is, and it doesn’t look good. But I don’t felt that much pain, is start to swelling. I hope it will be ok soon; I don’t want to stop my journey so early.

Time: 1:35pm
Wei Shian keep asking direction from me, but I also not very familiar with the place so How can I help you oh Shian??!! A Chinese grave yard.

Time: 1:36pm
A cell phone transmitter station.

Time: 1:36pm
Before entering the town center, we had pass by a big temple. Now come to think of it, I should go into the temple and pray for a while. Maybe I can take some nice photos as well, regret I didn’t do that.

Time: 1:36pm
A water fountain, our vehicle was moving a bit fast so I can’t take a clear shot. *sigh*

Time: 1:37pm
We then continue with our exploration, there is a small roundabout. What interesting is that there is actually a Buddha statue in the middle of the roundabout.

Time: 1:38pm
When we nearly reach the end of the town, there is another temple located there. Looks like most of the Bau people are Buddhist.

Time: 1.40pm
We continue our exploration; we are looking for the Tasik Biru. Tasik Biru is an abandon gold mine. But the government had done some beautification on it to make it one of a tourist must visit destination.

Time: 1:43pm
Here we are, Tasik Biru.

Time: 1:43pm

Time: 1:44pm
There’s a platform for a better view on the lake. I can see the water is very clear, and there are also fish in the lake, but how can this be?? I tough the water is poison, how can the fish survive?

Time: 1:45pm
L-R: Wilson (Me), Wei Shian. Behind us is the Blur Lake (Tasik Biru).

Time: 1:46pm
The water is very quiet and still. It somehow give me a very relax feeling when I look at the water reflexsion

Time: 1:46pm
I wanted to take a shot to see clearly what’s under the water, but this is what my camera gives me.

A panorama view on the Blue Lake (Tasik Biru).

Time: 1:47pm
As you can see on the left side there are also others visitor came to visit the lake. We then proceed to the other end of the lake.

A Panorama view on the other end of the lake, there are many small fish swimming freely in the water.

Time: 1:52pm
So can you see the fish?

Time: 1:56pm
Then we hurry proceed to our next destination the Wind Cave. So we drive out of Bau town, and turn left then we see the traffic light. Do you still remember this place? This is where the first temple is before we enter the town center.

Time: 1:57pm
Wind Cave here we come. To be continue in my next blog Bau Trip (Part 2)

Full Trip Post Read Here:


cooknengr said...

Kid, nice pictures even after you have turned into a 獨眼龍.

Wilson Chin said...

e - That time i was so scare that i might become 獨眼龍 for the rest of my life.

Kelvin said...

Kia Ora (hello) from a blogger down under in New Zealand. Just passing thru. Great photos.

Wilson Chin said...

kelvin - Thanks man, so happy that you like it :)

Jenn said...

Nice photos. I have been to different places as I travel jet lag free with jetLAGFX http://www.jetlagfx.com/. I can relate on how you like to travel.