Monday, August 07, 2006

My Holiday Trip Report (Three)

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Part Two is here
After the unforgettable trip at Egypt, I then continue my journey all the way to the end of the earth. I went to the North Pole.

I meet up with a few Eskimos people, they are very friendly but they don’t understand English, we had to use hand language to communicate. I go fishing with them, they treat me eat ice-cream, and ride polar bear with them.

Then I went to Hollywood to meet up with some famous movie celebrities. To have dinner with them, no camera allow, so I didn’t take much photo.

After dinner, I was in time for the last flight to England. When I reach there it was 02:15am. All the hotels are fully book, so I have to sleep at the bus stop for one night.

The next day, I took at early flight to the United State to visit the Statue of Liberty. She is indeed very beautiful, and tall. God Bless America.

After roaming around half of the world, is time for me to go back to my own country, so that night after visiting the State, I fly back to Malaysia. By the time I reach, it was almost noon.

To Genting, The city of Entertainment
I went to KL Sentral to get the 12pm ticket to Genting at the price of for RM7.30, and make a call to First World Hotel to confirm my reservation. It took me almost one hour to get to Genting Highland. In the bus, there is a young Malay guy sitting beside me. I start to talk with him, he told me that he is going to Genting to pick his friend, and what a coincident, he was in the IT field as well. So the both of us exchange some precious knowledge on some IT stuff, and just like me, he was from a small town then after finish study he went to KL to work and rent a room there. He was surprise that a Sarawak people main transportation to go from one place to another is by plane (like Kuching-Miri-Sibu-Limbang-Sabah), as in KL they usually use Bus, or Train. Yep, we Sarawak people live up on the tree alright, but we have elevator to go up, and our transportation is plane and helicopter.

After an hour, we reach Genting. I bit farewell to my new friend, and went to check in to my room. Well, this is the first time I came to Genting, so everything is very new to me. I follow the crowd to the main lobby, get my number and checked in. I live at the 20th floor, and the room is small but for a single guy is more than enough. I was given coupons to First World Café for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner everyday.

That night, I start to roam around First World Hotel. When I reach the second floor, it was like a big playground. Very colorful, very cold (raining that time), and very crowded. I start to walk around; I had my buffet style dinner at the First World Hotel with my first coupons. After the dinner, I bough myself a ticket to the ”Mysteria – Believe the Impossible” it was perform by Tim Kole, he is the master illusionist from Las Vegas. The show was fantastic, I enjoy every second of it. But we’re not allowed to take photos, so I face a big risk by posting this photo up. But to share with my dear reader, this is all worth it :)

After the magic show, I was very hungry. I went to Burger King to try out the beef black paper burger, and a large size coke. After my supper, I start to roam around Genting again, the rain just stop, and the win was very strong. I was freezing! But despite the cold weather, I still manage to take some night shoots of Genting – The City of Entertainment.

My bus ticket to Genting RM7.30, the bus depart at 12.00pm

Reach First World Hotel one and a half hours later, I’ve check in the hotel. And I was in the20th floor, I didn’t expected that it would be so crowded.

My room, is a bit small, but is more than enough for me.

Went to the First World Café to have my dinner, is a buffet style dinner, I can eat as many round I want, and eat as many stuff as possible.

I bought a ticket to see the illusionist from Las Vegas, Mr Tim Kole. Their theme was base on an Egypt story.

Burger King, my supper after the magic show.

Night view of Genting, the colorful hotel there is called the First World Hotel.
Next will be photo post of Genting Highland.

---to be continue---


cooknengr said...

Hey Kid, if you visit America for real, you can stay at Wong's hotel.

cooknengr said...

btw, where got Panda in Northpole one ? (believe it or not, I 've been to the Artic circle when I work in the oilfield)

13th Panda said...

u made me miss burger king..LOL

u went to Genting alone?

I'm going in Dec..YAY!

RiddanceLibra said...

yeah, the last photo taken in my blog is at 'ripley believe it or not!' Anyway, interesting post.

Wilson said...

eddie -
thanks Tai Ko :), the Wong's Hotel also includ breakfast, lunch n dinner right? hehehe :P
Oh~~i should photoshop the panda become polar bear first before i post it up.

13th panda -
yep, i went there alone. First time to Genting, so every thing is new to me.

riddancelibra -
thanks for the info :) and thanks for droping by

ahti said...

i wan gooooooo!!!...cannot tahan seeing all the pics...

Desmond said...

The room is nice what :) I thought it would be simple as most people would prefer to stay in KL rather than stay in Genting...